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Sony Z9D 4k UHD LED TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 65″ – 75″

Sony’s 2017 Z9D 4K TV competes for attention with the two other major players in high tech TV: Samsung’s QLED and LG’s OLED TV with brightness of color, deep dark black tones, excellent contrast ratio of colors in dark room setting, and SUPERB local dimming along with the Z9Ds three screen sizes: 65,75, and 100 inches! We will go beyond the hefty price tag (we kid you not) and examine the quality of the view and value of the Z9D TV in a series with its picture enhancing technical features that bring your movie fantasies to the ‘reality’ of home!

The 2017 Z9D TVs by Sony are truly BEST for the color. The brightness, the color contrast, the black uniformity due to a superb local dimming over multiple zones on large screens to make for a ‘home theater’ dream – with nothing left out but the movie concession stand (and crowds)

So why to choose Sony Z9D? Apples to Apples – that’s how to shop for your 2017 4K Smart TVs. In addition to the color uniformity and brightness that is found in all 2017 premium Smart TVs such as QLED by Samsung, OLED by LG, is the extra dimension of the Sony Z9D – Smart TV with 3D!

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Motion refresh rate leaves a slight blur on fast action scenes.
  2. Sound quality is quite poor.
  1. 3D TV
  2. Great color contrast, superb local dimming, excellent color brightness and wide gamut of color tone!
  3. Lower res content up scales to 4K res well.
  4. Input lag time low making video gaming easy.

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The 2017 Sony Z9D TVs are of a simple design. The metal stand, small in size, holds the 65 and 75-inch screens quite steady. The 100-inch screen, logically, needs four tripod-type legs and would not be suitable for tabletop. The silver metal borders are just shy of one inch and there is some gold edging for aesthetic charm. The back is textured and comprised of covered panels to hide the cable connections to four HDMI and three USB ports, also on back. Unfortunately, thickness and back ports would seem to preclude any notion of wall mounting, but that’s just opinion.

Sony Z9D Picture Quality

Due to Sony’s HDR 10 color with the X1 Extreme processor, which works as the transmission of a car works, ‘powering’ the color contrast, color brightness, and the clarity of the 4K-screen resolution and lower res content, along with improved local dimming of the LED backlight panel that allows individual LED lights to be adjusted as per TV scene darkness and thus retaining rich, deep black tone, picture quality gets a thumbs up! Viewing at angle brings some diminishing of color. The 120 Hz processing speed of image transmission provides generally smooth image flow but with faster action some blurring or judder could be noticed by a TV ‘connoisseur.’ While 3D content is not prevalent; the 3D feature works well.

Sound Quality

The Z9D speakers run along the bottom of the large TV screens with sound volume and harmony also, unfortunately, at bottom. Sound always a problem in thin TVs but the Z9D definitely will need the aid of external speakers or sound bar to match up with the superb picture quality!

Sony Z9D Review

If it is time to upgrade and relegate that smaller HD LED or older 4K TV with smaller screen to the spare guest bedroom or kids room to stay ‘up’ with ‘the newest’ in TV technology then you will certainly want to keep Sony’s Z9D in mind. While many folks are going for the OLED and QLED technology that provides super thin TVs that bring ease to wall mounting due to not having a backlight panel, as well as a fantastic color image by reason of electric current lighting each of the 4,000 plus pixels (dots) of color found in a 4K (UHD) screen resolution; Sony has opted to invest its energy in giving consumers both great color image with LARGER screen choices and the extra of 3D TV! In addition, the Sony Z9D has versatility of being viewed in darker or brighter rooms by reason of semi-gloss screen finish that defers light reflection very well. Sony technology has also used light to its advantage, improving upon the established technology of the backlight panel, composed of LED lights that illuminate the color pixels. Sony has configured each individual LED light to adjust in accord the darkness or brightness of a scene or a room: dimming, shutting off, or going brighter. The result is local dimming in multiple zones of the TV screen and rich and deep black tone level. With all that and 3D, if you dreamed of a 3D TV experience, then the price will have value for you.

Smart Features

The Z9D uses an improved upon Android operating system giving a slightly faster navigation response along with access to the Google Play Store and more apps than any other operating platform! There are 8.2 gigabytes free storage for installing apps and games. No ads on the main interface of the Android system, but there may be ads found on individual apps. Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube for Android TV come pre-installed along with Google Play movies that give a huge list of movies to access. The home screen of the Android system gives suggested content and you can opt out of receiving said suggested content but upon each start up of the TV suggested content shows up again and ‘opt out’ must be repeated. The remote is a smart remote that works with your voice to search content or use the commonly used buttons conveniently located at center of remote.

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In conclusion of our review of the Sony Z9D TVs in a series with the huge screen sizes of 65, 75, and yes, 100 inches, amazing color and black uniformity, a good smart TV interface, we want to note that these Sony TVs are priced significantly higher than that of Samsung’s QLED and LG’s OLED TVs and that due to the luxury of having the ability to watch 3D content, which is in immediate time, not as yet prevalent content.

Sony Z9D
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