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Sony X940E 75 inch 4k UHD LED TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 75″

This review is about the Sony 2017 X940E 4K Smart TVs, one model in the Sony series of the XBR 2017 lineup: Sony XBR930E and XBR940E. The X930E comes in two screen sizes while the X940E stands alone in a blazing glory of stunning technology packed within a glorious 75-inch screen! With the amount of tech features in all 2017 4K TVs, TV buying is getting costly and why the price of the X940E, with understanding of its abundant technological features and wide screen, seems quite a ‘bargain price.’ This review will aim at bringing understanding of that technology.

The X940E is best for overall high tech features that will pretty much put to rest the standard frustrations of thin designed TVs: sound, local dimming, color brightness, color uniformity, and reflective glare to screen. The X940E is best answer for these issues and makes for contentment in movie watching.

The bottom line to the purchase of the Sony X940E would be the abundant Sony technology built to this TV model that brings excellent picture quality ‘nearly’ as good as that of the OLED and QLED TVs of similar seventy-five inch screen size that are a significantly higher price cost.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Motion control average with faint blur seen.
  2. Input lag high for 1080 lower res content, not good for competitive gaming.
  1. SOUND volume above average in middle range decibels.
  2. GLOSSY SCREEN FINISH provides viewing versatility of dark or bright room settings.
  3. COLOR contrast, local dimming, black uniformity, and color brightness excellent!

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Simple elegance is best way to describe the 2017 Sony X940E 4K TV with simple black durable plastic frame for front and white durable plastic for the back of TV. No worries of messy cables, as all cables that attach to the external communication devices are hidden behind panels on back of TV. The panel doors are inconspicuous due to the design graphics that are inlayed within the plastic. The metal frame border adds elegance to the overall black frame, average in terms of thickness at .55 inches. (1.4 cm) Despite the large size, it stands inconspicuously in any room.

X940E Picture Quality

If having a home theater is ‘the dream’ then 2017 might be your time to turn ‘dream’ to reality with the 4K Sony X940E TV! We think you will see ‘the bargain’ in the 75-inch Sony X940E as compared to the 77-inch Sony A1E OLED TV! X940E’s are bright with SDR color (standard range) and HDR color (high dynamic range) and have great color contrast, which movie lovers will enjoy. With little light reflection on glossy screen finish, the X940E is good for bright or dark settings. There can be some motion blur on fast content such as sports viewing. Angle view has some moderate diminishing of color brightness and contrast but a generous screen size makes angle viewing rare.

Sound Quality

The legendary Beach Boys in the 60s had a song titled Good Vibrations that went in part: good, good vibrations – giving me excitations! … And with use of vibration, Sony brought better sound and harmony to seemingly emanate from front of X940E screen, though sound bar still a good investment.

X940E Review

The overall impression when coming upon Sony’s 2017 X940E TV in series, which also includes the 930E models with screen sizes of 55 and 65 inches, was WOW — 75 inches of luxury TV! Then, a look at the price and a slow step back. This is the natural reaction to anyone who has a household budget of essential needs to take care of: food, gas, electric, kids clothing, rent or mortgage, car payment or new car soon necessary to get to that job that pays all those bills. Yes, of course, the reaction is understandable.

Now — step back a bit and think in simpler terms: think of wanting a big juicy burger and yes, you can get such in a fast food type restaurant for as little as $5 with fries and drink. A good bargain? Perhaps. Then there are the premium restaurants, with tablecloth, fine silverware, and polished wait staff always there to assist, perhaps a nice table centerpiece. A juicy burger here with fries and soft drink might look same but the chef has created this tantalizing burger with prime top-of-the-line meat, his own special gravy to add to the burger’s natural juices, and there are fresh onions, tomatoes, lettuce, on fresh baked bun. It will cost more but the meal is ‘special’ because it is not done as routine expenditure.

Consider the X940E as a specially earned ‘treat’ not something bought every year but which ‘stays with you’ for long time. Think Sony tech service as long-term value!

Smart Features

Consider a TV upgrade in 2017, from HD LED TV to 4K or Ultra High Definition TV or upgrading the size of your TV screen for maximum viewing pleasure of Smart TV source for abundance of content from the internet, smart phones, tablets and gaming devices! The Sony X940E Android system was improved upon with the Android 7.0 Nougat, which offers suggested content on first row of main interface. There is an Action Menu that brings viewer to content frequently visited and a nice plus of Android smart TV, no ads pop up on home screen. The smart remote offers voice activation to search content, though no advanced search options. Enjoy access to abundant apps from the Google Play Store and to make things easy – Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and Hulu are pre-installed! Google Chromecast allows casting of content from smartphone or tablet to TV big screen!

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The 2017 Sony X940E 4K Smart TV is a-bit hefty in physical and price weight but holds weight well with equally ‘heavy’ Sony expertise that provides 4K color and sound quality, and Smart TV with smart ‘voice activated’ remote that searches abundant movie content and a myriad of apps as well as casts content from smart phone or tablet to a grand screen of six feet three inches! Find value for price in screen size compared to costlier Sony Z9D!

Sony X940E
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