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Sony X940D 4K Smart TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 75″

If you are a fan of Sony TVs like I am, you have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the X940D TV. Now that it is here, it’s an awesome addition to my living room and home theater setup.

I knew this would be a great TV after reading different reviews, and I was not disappointed after seeing it for myself. The first thing that jumped out at me was how thin it was. At only 2-inches thick, this TV is basically razor thin. Put it on the wall or on a TV stand, it doesn’t matter, it looks sleek and impressive no matter where you put it.

Another great feature is how Sony designed the cables. Thanks to some innovative cable management on the back of the TV, the cables are practically invisible. This is another reason the TV looks so great on a wall or TV stand.

Once the TV is turned on, be ready to get blown away by the picture. Sony X940D is a 75 inch 4K TV, which means the resolution is four times better than Full High Definition, which is pretty awesome to begin with. This TV also has a technology called High Dynamic Range, or HDR, which makes the picture even better. The great thing about HDR is it brings out pictures that used to be too dark or too bright. Now, all pictures come through crystal clear, no matter how dark or bright.

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If you don’t have a 4K cable box yet, don’t worry about it. The X940D also has the ability to “upscale” your picture by performing thousands of image adjustments every second to increase the resolution. Basically, you can expect to have an awesome picture every time you watch TV.

Sony also has a technology called Slim Backlight Drive, which helps make sure the picture is the perfect brightness. This feature basically ensures light is displayed exactly where it is needed on the screen. It’s called “Slim” because of how thin the TV is. Remember, all this technology and these features are packed into a package that is only a couple inches thick!

The Smart features of this TV are just as awesome. If you have an Android phone, using the Smart TV functions will be a breeze. Don’t worry if aren’t an Android user though, the menus are very intuitive. The best part of Android TV though, is the voice capability. Just use your voice to search the Internet or perform functions like changing the channel or volume. Ask your TV for the weather forecast or to play one of your favorite movies, and the TV does all the work for you.

You can also send music and videos straight from your phone to the XBR-75X940D, wirelessly. More good news for you Android users – you can also use your phone as a remote control! There is also access to tons of apps, streaming media and games. Watching movies is extremely convenient thanks to access to popular services like Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube and more.

All in all, this TV is downright awesome. It looks great just hanging on the wall or sitting on a stand thanks to the thinness and sleek design. The picture quality is just as awesome, with 4K resolution and upscaling to give 4K-quality regardless of your cable box. Throw in the Smart TV capabilities, and the result is a TV that will inevitably be in tons of living rooms around the world.

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If you want a 4K TV that is super thing and has incredible pictures, the X940D is what you are looking for. The 4K resolution is incredible, even if you don’t have a 4K box. Thanks to upscaling technology, the picture is always incredible.

The Android TV capabilities are pretty awesome, too. You can use your voice to perform commands like changing the channel or volume, or do functions like asking about the weather or to play a certain movie. There is also access to streaming video and with an Android phone you can send photos and videos directly to the TV and even use your phone as a remote.

You can expect to be blown away by how great the TV looks on your wall and the pictures and capabilities are among the best you’ll find anywhere.

Sony X940D
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  1. if pricing wasn’t part of the equation, how would you stack the X940d against the X900e?

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