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Sony X930E 4k HDR LED TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 55″ – 65″

Sony’s X930E 4K LED TV series for 2017 will definitely give the Samsung TVs in a series competition. Competition is good for – – you, the consumer! With competition, comes better quality and better price choices to entice consumer to try one product over the other product. Respect for individual household budgets the mainstay, there does come TV technology ‘for everyone.’ Remember: value of a product is not price alone but price with value of picture quality, sustainability in the long term outlook, and entertainment value. Now to examine the X930E TV technology, same tech features in either 55 or 65-inch screen.

The Sony X930E is best for picture quality overall, thanks to The superb contrast ratio, local dimming that dims the TVs backlight feature when there are darker scenes, and bright color display. This makes for a versatile TV for either bright or darker room settings. Great TV for movie buffs!

The Sony X930E TV models in series of both 55 and 65 inch screen choices has all the necessary technology to bring not only abundant constant streaming but quality of view. Prices in respect to screen size, Smart TV technology, and up-scaling of lower resolution content brings value to price!

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Color uniformity is distorted when TV viewed ‘off center.’
  2. The Android operating system makes navigation a bit difficult.
  1. With average frequency response in comparison to all thin TVs, sound deserves a ‘thumbs up’ if volume kept mid-range.
  2. Picture quality is EXCELLENT!
  3. Low input lag with native refresh rate of 120Hz.

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Sony design quality is apparent on first and second longer look with regards the X930E series of TV models. This flat screen LED TV display comes with thin metal border that does not impede the screen image that flows across screen with a smooth motion in respect to the 120 Hz processor. This ‘weighty’ TV stands well at 73 pounds with a wide sturdy flat stand and cable management hidden behind plastic panel behind the set. The design of the X930E goes deeper than ‘surface’ with the abundant tech features that makes color ‘pop’ even as it is wall mounted.

X930E Picture Quality

The secret to Sony X930E picture quality is in the tech upon tech building blocks: 4K native screen resolution along with excellent contrast ratio, the difference of light to dark images, bringing the sharpest detail to all screen images. This is built up by the tech feature of HDR, High Dynamic Range color, in addition to the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO application part of the TV – 10x the brightness of color! Sony builds upon the native 120 Hz processor speed with a Motionflow XR 960 tech application. In addition, the local dimming feature works great at dimming the back-light panel in dark scenes. The semi-gloss screen finish handles light reflection quite well. Unfortunately, color and black tone fades at angle.

Sound Quality

Sound. Like the sand that irritates the oyster that produces a perfect ‘pearl’ Sound is the ‘irritant’ that makes the tech folk work harder. Sony tech folk have brought the sound quality to a perfect ‘average’ in the X930E series TV with front facing rather than the downward firing speakers.

X930E Review

What is the overall impression of Sony’s 2017 X930E LED TV? To start, we love the pricing. While some manufacturers will add to the amount of screen choices in TVs tech in a series, the truth is that if you are paying for 4K Technology the value is in being able to appreciate that 4k-screen resolution on a big screen.

If your room size will not allow for ‘at least’ 55-inch screen size, you would be better off to buy a more simple LED 1080p screen resolution. We remind also that because of the 4K screen resolution (4 times the dots per inch as 1080p screen resolution) Smart TV is the reality. So, if you want the internet connectivity of abundant content streaming, you do want 4K-screen resolution. If you don’t care for streaming content and app downloading then your value is in 1080p screen resolution. Do not pay for what you will not use.

Remember: the more technology, the cost of producing the product increases and will be reflected in the market price. That price has value for the understanding of durability. The length of years of service you will get for the money. For this reason we feel the greater value in the Sony X930E model TVs is found in the largest screen size of 65-inches. The 55-inch is also good for the tech features it sports but if buying a 4K TV, THINK BIG for the optimum VALUE. This TV will bring value to your entertainment needs!

Smart Features

The Sony X930E TVs have an Android operating platform. Android TV is a Google operating system that first came to be in 2014 using same interface as that of Smart phones. Navigation is said to be easy, that ease of use is a subjective, personal decision. You can control navigation with voice commands. There is a myriad of apps to download from the Google app store including the most popular apps of Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Video. Nice thing about this Android operating system is that there are no ads on the main TV interface. There may be ads found within the apps themselves: YouTube, etc., but there is a setting option on the TV to opt out of even these ads. There are 4 HDMI and 3 USB input ports to connect other communication devices. The 120 Hz processor makes this ideal for both video gaming and movie lovers.

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In conclusion of the Sony X930E TV models we concur in the majority of reviewers who give this TV high praise and four or five-star ratings! The technology is same whether buying the 55-inch or 65-inch model TV. With that in mind, keeping with the value of the technology, the price difference of screen size is negligible. Whichever screen you choose you get a quality view for sports and movie watching and video gaming. We recommend the 65-inch screen size.

Sony X930E
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