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Sony X930D Smart TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 55″ – 65″

Looking for an awesome 4K TV but don’t want a huge, 75-inch TV in your living room? That was my situation and I found the perfect television – the Sony X930D.

The X930D packs a ton of technology and features into a smaller package, so if you don’t need a TV for a really big room, this is probably just what you are looking for in a television.

Like its sister television, the X940D, this TV is extremely thin. In fact, Sony rightly describes it as “frameless” because the bezel and TV are so thin, it’s hard to tell if it has a frame. By itself, the TV is less than two inches thick! If you mount it on the wall like I did, it looks like a picture or decoration and not a TV.

Another really neat feature is the cable management system. This isn’t something I normally take notice of, but it is that cool! XBR-65X830D has a special section on the back that keeps the wires neat, together, and hidden. When you see what it looks like, you’ll know why I think this is such a great feature.

You don’t buy a TV for its cables though, right? You buy it for the resolution, and the XBR-55X830D rocks in this area. The 4K resolution alone looks great. Of course, resolution that is four times better than Full High Definition should be great, and it is!

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There is also an upscaling engine inside the TV, which takes pictures that aren’t 4K and makes them into 4K-quality. You don’t really need to understand all the technical stuff that makes it work. Just know if you don’t have a 4K cable box yet, the picture will still look amazing.

Sony also has something they call the Slim Backlight Drive. This feature makes images that would normally be too dark or too bright, just right. It does this by emitting light to the exact spot on the screen where it is needed. If you get a chance to see this TV working next to a different brand, you will immediately notice the difference.

The X930D is also at the leading edge of technology with its High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities. HDR makes great pictures even better. Televisions with HDR capability have signals that carry more brightness than regular TVs, which means they can handle greater contrast, more colors and better detail. The end result is a crystal clear picture across the entire screen.

The final major quality of this model is the Android TV. Once you hook it up to the internet, this TV becomes an even better device. You can use the remote control to issue voice commands to change the channel or volume and other commands like asking for the weather or playing a movie. If you like streaming media, you’ll love Android TV. If you have the proper subscription, you can watch all your favorite shows and movies from providers like Netflix and Amazon.

There are a few minor differences from the larger X940D, but all of them are surprisingly a good thing. First of all, because it’s smaller it is also lighter, by over 10 pounds, and of course it won’t be as expensive as larger screens. You also get an extra composite video input, which is nice if you have more than one gaming system or a cable box without HDMI.

If you want a great TV, but don’t want to jump into the really large 75-inch screens, you should definitely give the X930D a shot.

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If you want an awesome TV in a great size, the X930D should be at the top of your wish list. Hang this TV on your wall, or place it on a TV stand, and it will immediately be the centerpiece of the room.

The image quality is nothing short of amazing, thanks to 4K resolution, image upscaling and technology that makes sure the right amount of light is sent to wherever it’s needed on the screen.

You’ll fall in love with the voice commands and streaming video options of Android TV. Ask the TV for the weather forecast or to play your favorite movie, or just browse the web to do some shopping. With Android TV, the X930D becomes an extension of your life.

Sony X930D
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