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Sony X900E 4k LED TV (XBR49X900E, XBR55X900E, XBR65X900E, XBR75X900E)

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 49″ – 75″

The 2017 Sony X900E TV series provides consumers choice of four screen sizes: 49, 55, 65, and 75 inches! With screen choice comes price choices to fit every budget along with all ‘bucket list’ choices checked off of technology. Feel assured of same technological ‘choice’ features of contrast ratio, High Dynamic Range (HDR) color, LED Smart TV, no matter the screen size. With understanding of larger screen sizes bringing greater appreciation of the sharp detail 4K screen resolution brings, and the comparably little difference in price of a 49-inch to 55-inch screen, greater value to price is the 55-inch screen.

In keeping with understanding of abundant choices bringing greater value to price, Sony X900E TVs are best for the ability to assimilate to either a dark or bright room setting due to the screen’s semi-gloss finish diffusing the light intensity on screen as well as the brightness of image color.

2017 X900E model TVs add new meaning for the value conscious consumer with budget friendly prices as well as all the ‘wanted’ technology with the very ‘necessary’ contrast ratio excellence and smooth response rate of images to screen that makes the viewing of fast-action sports, video gaming, and movies perfect.

8.6Dark Room
9.0Average Room
8.6Bright Room
8.3Video Games
8.9Daily Use
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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Sound is the biggest ‘con’- sideration. Sound bar purchase will definitely help volume level as well as harmony of tone decibels.
  2. Viewing angle is poor. Colors appear faded.
  1. Excellent contrast ratio.
  2. Good upscaling of lower resolution content.
  3. Excellent response rate of image changes to screen due to 120 Hz panel.

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From the very thin .43 inch frame metal border that takes nothing from the beautiful bright color images coming across the screen to the sturdy metal stand and base to allow TV firm footing on table, with the wiring of cables through the legs of stand for aesthetics, this is ‘COOL TV.’ Which can be taken two ways. Yes, the overall TV design is ‘CO-OOOL,’ but also from function viewpoint, TV does not get hotter to the touch than about 35 degrees centigrade (95 degrees Fahrenheit) It’s a cool TV. Wall mounting might hinder accessing USB ports situated on back.

X900E Picture Quality

The Sony X900E TVs all sport excellent contrast ratio of lights and darks along with good uniformity of black tone. Along with the average local dimming, which allows for making darker image scenes deeper black by turning off backlighting, contrast ratio only improves. The High Dynamic Range of color and color tone and overall brightness along with anti-light reflective screen coating allows for viewing in darker rooms or in average to bright room lighting. If seated at angle the color intensity does diminish, This could be compensated for if room size is large enough for larger screen and chairs can be situated directly in front of screen. The smooth frames per second refresh rate makes for judder-free movie watching experience.

Sound Quality

Unfortunately, by reason of the nature of all thin frame TVs, sound can be an issue. Total perfection is always difficult. The Sony X900E doesn’t have a large volume to it nor harmony of tone. This may be alleviated to your satisfaction with purchase of outside speakers and sound bar.

X900E Review

We are featuring the 2017 Sony X900E 4K HDR Pro LED TV models in series because of the impressive technology that is part of this TV along with prices that will put technology within the reach of anyone who works hard for their dollars and deserves a quality, cost effective viewing experience. With comparison to other newer 2017 technology of SUHD or QLED technology or the costly OLED technology, Sony makes HD LED still a great choice. Imagine 75-inches of color brilliance that brings fast action sports action right to the comfortable seating of your armchair, negating the need to going to the stadium. This TV series provides four choices of screen sizes along with the most ‘wanted’ technology. The best ‘tech’ contained in one set allowing for durability and sustainability for years to come.

In addition to the native 120 Hz processing speed of images; Sony builds into this 2017 model the MotionFlow XR 960 app to bring superb action of frames per second with little blur. In customer reviews, quality is no less than 4 stars while five star reviews primarily prevail. We think you will love the ‘out of the box’ perfect color with little need for adjustments unless you really want to adjust. There is abundance in content to view with the Android operating platform that connects to the Google Play Store as well as ability to connect to DVD and audio players with four HDMI and 3 USB ports. Simply put: Great TV to purchase!

Smart Features

It takes lots of SMARTs to make this Sony Smart TV and that ‘smart stuff’ refers not only to the abundant access to a multitude of favorite internet apps. There is the ‘power’ of the 4K HDR processor comprised of the Sony brand one chip technology that ‘drives’ the magnificent color, brightness, and smooth flow of the color tone that comes across screen. It gives the costly OLED and QLED technology definite competition. The Hz rate of speed is 120 Hz, and the remote is standard for Sony but easy to understand and comes with voice control. The operating system is Android. The benefit of this operating platform is access to the myriad of apps from the Google play store as well as not having ads on the main interface as is common with other operating systems. There is also option of opting out of ads found within the apps.

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We sum up our review of Sony X900E series TVs with a simple ‘thumbs up’ for Sony continuing the tradition of excellence in TV electronics! With exception of the subjective issue of sound quality and viewing angle, we were hard pressed to find anything objectively bad with regards this Sony TV series. This is a definite winner with regards the price and the abundant technological features that will bring hours of family enjoyment in watching sports, movies, and video gaming.

Sony X900E
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  1. The 850E is $500 less in the same size (65″). Is the 900E worth the extra money over the 850E?

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