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Sony X850E 4k LED TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 65″ – 75″

Sony’s 2017 X850D series has morphed to the Sony X850E TV models in a series. The biggest change is that choices have now been reduced down from four screens, with the largest model 85 inches to that of only two screen sizes of 65-inches and 75-inches. While the screen choices are less, there is more of the Sony brand quality in what matters in large, luxury cinematic TV viewing: contrast ratio, color uniformity, and fast response rate of images to screen – and at amazing prices! For this reason, the Sony X850E caught our attention, with the need to bring it to your attention.

The Sony 850E Series TVs is best for abundant content streaming and cinematic luxury viewing with the superb up scaling of lower resolution images, fast 120 Hz refresh rate, Android Smart TV with abundance of apps to download from the Google play store, and 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports.

If quality home theater was always out of your budget range, the Sony 850E Series may be your ‘ticket’ to luxury TV viewing of movies, fast action sports, and video gaming on large 65-inch and 75-inch screens along with high tech features. Sony X850E technology brings value to the price.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. No local dimming.
  2. Darker color tones do not show well due to lack of local dimming feature.
  1. Excellent ability to upscale lower resolution images.
  2. Perfect in motion control with little to no motion blur and 120 Hz processor speed.
  3. Black tone uniformity and color gradients (shades of color) near to excellent.

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The Sony X850E metallic borders are a thin .47 inches which makes for an unimpeded full screen viewing experience akin to bringing the theater home to the family room. The design of the actual stand ‘footprint’ is now plastic, from the once metallic stand of the X850Ds. It’s not a wide ‘footprint’ and that makes it good to stand on narrow tabletops – not taking up a lot of space in room. Wall mounting may make access to some inputs difficult. There is a semi-gloss screen finish and reflections are not an issue for average lit rooms. A sturdy, functional design.

X850E Picture Quality

Sony has upgraded the contrast ratio in the X850E 4K TVs from what the x850Ds used to be and with an excellent black uniformity; the quality of the picture is truly awesome! The downside to what could be a truly ‘perfect’ picture is lack of local dimming. This means scenes especially dark do not appear ‘as dark’ as they could be. Watching in an average lit room offsets this lack of local dimming. Color brightness is average and fades further when viewed from an angle, however, if the room size and budget is large enough for a luxury 75-inch screen, angle viewing should not be of concern. The native 120 Hz processing speed adds to the smoothness of picture clarity.

Sound Quality

Sound is always going to bring difficulties because of how thin today’s TVs are. While there is improvement in volume and harmony since the now ‘retired’ X850D series, it would be best to keep the volume at a mid-range 80-decibel level. Recommended is the purchase of an external sound bar.

X850E Review

We were most impressed, as we always are, with the quality of the Sony brand. The Sony TV model, X850E series TV, offering the luxury screen sizes of 65 and 75 inches allows a truly magnificent home theater experience. All things in consideration of the technology and screen size – the prices are amazing! For movie buffs, the array of apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, including the most popular Netflix and Amazon Video and YouTube will bring hours of family movie night entertainment.

The very fast refresh rate will be heaven to those who love sports but hate the crowded stadium. The 120 frames per second along with the Motionflow 960 tech feature within this TV model will make you ‘feel the dust’ fly up when they slide into home base. Yes, with the excellent 10-bit color depth in color gradients along with fairly good HDR (high dynamic range) color you will feel like you are standing right at home plate as the dust comes up. The sharpness of the picture found also in the contrast ratio, the difference between light and dark images.

Have no fear of hosting a spectacular World Series party or Superbowl party as the gang on the block easily gathers in front of one of these magnificent size screens. You might not want to invite the boss or you may not get that next pay raise. The boss will surely wonder how you could buy a TV of such spectacular grandeur.

Smart Features

The Sony X850E 4K TV series is Smart TV by way of an Android operating system. Established by Google in 2014, it isn’t the latest of operating platforms nor always the easiest operating system to navigate, but the Smart remote control with voice command capability and an Action Menu button on center of remote enables quick access to common settings. With the Android platform comes access to the Google play store with a myriad of apps to download. Popular apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Video make for an abundance of content.

The main interface of the operating system is ad-free and in third party downloaded apps there is an option to opt out of those ads. The tech feature known as Motionflow XR 960 works with the 120 Hz image refresh rate, making motion blur minimal and fast action sports viewing to be as being right on the field.

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Give and take best sums up our findings of the Sony X850E TV models in a series. On the things that matter for having the luxury of large screen home theater: contrast ratio, black tone uniformity, and smooth frames per second with little motion blur – we give thumbs up, while taking the less then brilliant color, average sound quality, faded color when viewed at angle. There’s value in consideration of the price for what is considered TV luxury size screens.

Sony X850E
1 question answered
  1. I’m a bit surprised the 850e is rated ahead of the 900e.
    Is this high rating based on a quality to price ratio rather than just on the merits of the TV itself?

    I already have an 850e on its way, even before seeing your reviews and overall usability, with the price point right now, were what fashioned my final decision–I don’t think I will be disappointed.
    PS I was concerned that the 900e might simply be too bright for my viewing experience–I sit about 6 ft away , right in front.

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