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Sony X800E 4k Ultra HD TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 43″ – 55″

The Sony X800E TV series will need some comparison shopping of other Sony models in TV in a series and perhaps shopping comparison of the other major manufacturer of TV technology — Samsung! While Sony X800E series provides consumers a choice of 43, 49, and 55-inch screen sizes as compared to the Sony X850E providing two screen choices of 65 and 75 inches, at significantly higher price – value must be kept in mind, not just price. Remember also the Samsung MU6300 TVs with six screen sizes. Ok, so let’s compare how the Sony X800E 4K Smart TV measures up value wise.

The Sony X800E Series TV is best for its fast response time with only a native 60 Hz processor. The low input lag, decent upscaling of lower res content, and Android operating system with access to Google store makes Sony X800E great for gaming and abundant smart TV content streaming!

The bottom line is Sony X800E TV models make a good TV set for playing video games, the Android operating system provides access to am abundance of apps from the Google store, and with the 4K-screen resolution, Smart TV is possible even with a smaller screen for smaller room sizes.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. The significant ‘con’ is the CONtrast ratio. Not good in dark room settings.
  2. Not good in very bright rooms as the semi-gloss screen reflects the light.
  1. Good motion response rate with very little motion blur.
  2. Low input lag for decent video gaming.
  3. Excellent 4K resolution. Upscales lower res content well.

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In terms of the overall look of the Sony X800E, it falls a bit in terms of ease of accessibility when the designers put the ports on the back of set. With this and the ‘power brick,’ (the extruding plastic on back) wall mounting would probably not be a good idea. The stand is made of a strong plastic material and sits wide on tabletop and has tracks in back for running some cables through, all of which makes it decent and sturdy. Borders around screen are plastic with metal edge, which makes for nice surface appearance in any room.

X800E Picture Quality

Due to the very poor contrast ratio, the difference of light to dark in images, the color and black tones do better viewed in rooms with low light intensity. There is no local dimming feature, which only serves to exacerbate the washed out darker scenes in an image. When screen is viewed at an angle black level stays same, a plus that is lost because the overall brightness of other colors is significantly less. The Sony X800E should not be viewed in dark or bright room as the light reflects on the semi-gloss screen. On plus side, there is little motion blur, low input lag, and low res content up scales very well. Color is bright except at angle viewing.

Sound Quality

Typical average sound at mid decibel range but when at a higher volume frequency the already poor harmony of tone goes from bad to worse. The best we can say about the sound of the Sony X800E is that it is ‘standard sound.’ Anticipate purchasing external speakers or sound bar.

X800E Review

The first and last overall thought of purchasing the Sony X800E as the family entertainment center is one that is entirely subjective to individual ‘eye’ perception. Sony is a good brand and one won’t go wrong in buying this TV model if your eye likes what you see. The motion smoothness with only a native 60 Hz processor speaks the technical expertise of the Sony engineers as does the low input lag and the cool features found in their Android operating system 7.0.

Certainly the 4K-screen resolution helps picture clarity than ordinary HD LED lower screen resolution that usually is 1080 pixels of color. We do feel obligated to point out that with 4K, Smart TV should always be part of the package, which it is. If, however, the contrast ratio is poor, the 4K technology loses visual appeal as it also loses if shown on screens less than 50 inches. If looking for simple TV viewing with quality picture, you may do better price and value wise to purchase a Sony HD LED 1080p TV model for the overall family entertainment. Don’t pay more than you need just to have smart TV. If you want smart TV, be smart with the dollars and pay the cost for well thought technology.

The Sony X850E or X900E models in a series may cost a bit more but the excellent contrast ratio along with a 120 Hz processor speed is worth the cost! With such, is the price with a sustained value!

Smart Features

Smart TV is the ability to connect to various external communication devices: DVDs, audio, smart phone and, of course, the internet. Sony’s X800E is smart TV by reason of 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports for connecting to other devices, the ability to flow content from Smartphone or tablet to TV screen, the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system, allowing for quicker switch in running apps, though the navigation continues to be a bit difficult to master.

A cool feature in the new platform is the picture within a picture technology, which allows image from an HDMI input or TV tuner to ‘hover’ in the top right corner of screen s one navigates the interface opening apps. Input lag time is low to satisfy most gamers as will access to Google store for downloading apps. The remote is voice controlled but lacks advanced controls as is found on Tizen operating systems.

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The price of Sony X800E models does not equal value in our analysis of this smart TV. The contrast ratio that makes a quality picture quality is just ‘not as it could be.’ In addition, of the three screen sizes offered, the 4K-screen resolution would only be fully appreciated on a screen of at least 55-inches. In comparing Sony’s X800E with Sony’s X900E, the price difference for 55 inches is minimal but the quality of the picture adds maximum value.

Sony X800E
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