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Sony X800D Smart TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 60 Hz Screen Size: 43″ – 49″

Contrast ratio, the most important aspect of a quality picture, displays blacks or darker colors well in contrast to lighter colors. Keep contrast ratio in mind when considering the purchase of an ultra high definition (4k) TV, as is the Sony X800D series.

The amount of artificial lighting (lamps) and windows can reflect on some TV screens hindering the viewing quality if contrast ratio is poor. X800Ds have superb contrast ratio and with the semi-gloss finish found on these well-designed flat screen TVs, reflective light is not an issue. The quality of picture in either a darker room setting or in average lit room is good.

Adding to the great picture quality is the superb upscaling of lower res content, as found with older DVDs and cable, or latest 1080p content. These basic, yet most important, aspects of TV viewing brings “BuyTVSmart” to take a closer look.

7.8Dark Room
8.0Average Room
8.0Bright Room
7.8Video Games
8.5Daily Use
7.9Extra Features
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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Brightness of color average. This is most evident when watching in a very bright room setting.
  2. No local dimming feature which would adjust the backlighting of the TVs LED panel so blacks or dark areas are dark, enhancing contrast ratio.
  1. Color accuracy is very good, right from box, and excellent with slight settings calibration upon set up.
  2. Quality video gaming as the input lag time is low with little perceptible motion blur.
  3. Abundant pre-installed apps allow for great streaming content.

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Now that we have looked at the preliminary basics of what to look for when deciding a TV purchase, time to go deeper into the ‘the works’ of this 4K TV marvel. Let’s look at the design of screen, the color, the Smart TV features, and the remote. Find all the common Sony brand technology well known for adding value, in this budget friendly TV series. The remote is easy to understand in the buttons that select power on, TV channels, navigational menu, and instruction guide.

Nice specialty feature for the price of this TV series is voice recognition. No longer necessary to push the buttons or enter text to search content. Search the content you want with a simple voice search. In terms of content — boredom should not overtake you – not with the Sony X800Ds. Thank the android operating system for that. With android TV, which is the brainstorm of Google, TV becomes a one-source operating system such is found within the tablet or smart phone for accessing the Internet of abundant apps. It is up for debate as to being beneficial to your TV watching. Simply put, there comes to screen so many apps to choose it gets in the way of the show you are watching. That said, abundant streaming content choices is a given. This, however, is purely a personal choice as to being liked or not. The other benefit of the android OS is that your TV can become the single source for controlling other automation in your home: from the lights, to security cameras. Look also at all those favorite apps of Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, and HBO Go.

The four HDMI ports and three USB ports conveniently located on side of slim screen case make connecting to other communication devices easy. The Google Cast technology that comes with the Sony X800D TVs, allows you to be the director of entertainment to your set. Google Cast technology allows ease of accessing those videos and photos from your Smart phone or tablet to have your own personal wide screen home theater experience. With all this streaming content, of course, you want quality color, and thanks to the 4K screen resolution which is four times the number of pixels of 1080p screen resolution you get a sharp color image, this along with the HDR color technology (High Dynamic Range) you won’t be singing just the blues – but the reds, greens, and yellows and every other shade of color in the rainbow. HDR color is as natural as looking out your window.

With the thin case design, you might think you are looking out the window. No blur either, with the Sony Motionflow XR technology that permits super fast transmission of images to screen, other wise known as the refresh rate. With such prices that are as easy on the budget as the larger screen will be easy on the eyes it only makes sense to go large. The reviewers agree, this speaks of the Sony quality.

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What more is there to say of this Sony Smart TV? Only that if you hit the buy button you see here on this site and make the X800D part of your family entertainment; you will certainly enjoy mainstream TV, sports, movies, cable shows, internet apps, gaming and audio music.

Sony X800D
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  1. Does the 49 inch have an ISP Panel and if so hows is the angle viewing?

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