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Sony X750D 4K LED TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 65″

Contrast ratio is, of course, the most important consideration for Sony X750D picture quality. However, when contrast ratio is just ‘average’, which we admit is the Sony X750D, is it still worth looking at? YES, and why we are taking the time to review this Sony series model.

The 4K screen resolution, perfect processor speed of 120 Hz, which is frames per second that images come to screen, upscaling of lower resolution content of 480p, 720p, and 1080p gets a thumbs up. There is very little motion blur because of the 120 Hz frames per second transition and for movie viewing ‘judder’ (a visible shaking of scene image) is non-existent! The lag time of image changes is low, making it perfect for video gaming. The Android TV platform operating system provides abundant content streaming and ease of connecting to other devices. Contrast ratio matters but it is subjective to other ‘wants’ and ‘needs.’

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. As stated, the contrast ratio, the difference of dark black and lighter images is just average and it is recommended TV be viewed in well lit rather than darker room.
  2. Sound is always a problem with the thin case of UHD LED TVs. Louder volume is good but for playing at an average volume the addition of a sound bar would help greatly.
  1. Wide angle viewing without any diminishing of the color on screen.
  2. The Android TV platform operating system provides versatility of content.
  3. 120 Hz frames per second make it great for sports action and video games.

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The current XBR65X750D price is:


But. . . but . . . but … just when you want to say ‘no’ to this mid-range price TV model because it isn’t ‘perfect’ in every way . . . we think you will find a but that makes you love it anyway. If you love sports and want to see the details of the field action on a large cinema size screen — then you, as well as your wallet, will love the Sony X750D model with an amazing price for any average household to enjoy luxury TV!

The contrast ratio is average, BUT . . . the 120 Hz refresh rate of image to screen eliminates blurring of the tackling, dribbling, or sliding into home plate. Having to watch in a well lit room rather than darker BUT . . . for the advantage of the wide angle viewing and still see consistent color as those sitting directly in front of set is big plus for the family hour TV watching or hosting the next SuperBowl party for the whole gang.

The sound quality needs the purchase of a sound bar BUT that is the norm in most of the UHD TVs and the sound bar purchase price is offset by the Android TV platform and Google Cast technology that gives you so much in the way of constant content streaming. With the Sony X750D TV, your remote is not voice activated BUT your Smartphone can act as a remote control as you download photos and video and apps to the big screen! With the X750 you get not only luxury size TV viewing with abundant content BUT via the Android platform, your entire house functioning can be controlled on your TV screen with the optional Logitech Harmony Hub, IoT. (internet of things) Control devices in your home such as home security, lights, thermostats, Blu-ray players. All this for an amazing price that certainly makes this TV seem as high end TV luxury, yet the high end TVs are so much more costly. The minor imperfections are really minimal in the big picture view.

The Sony X75OD TV are perfect respective to price. Take note that there is instructional video that will help you in getting it near to perfect. Sony also provides an update page with firmware download that one reviewer said noticeably improved upon the performance of the TV.

The Playstation Now technology within this model streams video games to your TV without the separate console. Although, with the side input ports of 4 HDMI and 3 USBs, you certainly can connect a game console, DVD player, audio player and cable box to your TV. No more buts, you will find hours of BETTER enjoyment with this Sony X750D TV model. HDR (High Dynamic Range) makes for a beautiful color image, precision color mapping ensures every pixel comes through in perfect shade as well as tone. With that and the 4K screen resolution you will see the biceps flex of the football players as they pass the ball.

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If you want the most ‘bang for the buck’ you will want to consider this Sony X750D TV. This TV model is a dream come true for anyone who enjoys watching sports on the wide screen with perfect visual clarity due to the 120 Hz processor and 4K screen resolution.

Sony X750D
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