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Sony X700D 4K 60hz LED TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 60 Hz Screen Size: 49″ – 55″

Price plus Performance = Value. Duly noted with the Sony X700D is that this is a very cost effective 4K TV for any household budget. A Sony TV similar to many high end, more costly Sony’s.

There are also differences and the purpose of this review of this Sony TV series model. We will write of both the positives and negatives we found in order that you are an informed consumer of your TV purchasing dollars. Rest assured, the Sony brand technology, overall, will never disappoint. Ok, ready? Take note the consistency of color and a smooth color display as well as the sharp images due to latest 4K technology.

Take note the processing speed of frames per second is 60 Hz, but with Sony Motionflow XR technology enhancement motion speed increases to 240 Hz eliminating most, but not all, motion blur. Looking good — Let’s continue in the review of the x700D.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. There is prior image retention left on screen after new frame image comes to screen. Simply put, a ‘ghost’ shadow left behind of original image.
  2. Sound quality is poor and will need purchase of a sound bar for stabilizing sound.
  1. Consistency of color from any angle one sits at.
  2. Consistent with Sony is the Android TV platform operating system, which provides abundant streaming content.

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After reviewing everything and appreciating Sony engineers efforts to provide a budget-friendly 4K LED TV to its customers, if the only reason for buying the Sony X700D is the latest 4K technology at very low price, you are not in full understanding of the value of 4K to provide the ultimate entertainment experience. There are a lot of positives to this TV, well worth mentioning, such as the four HDMI ports and 3 USB ports with placement on side of the set to make accessibility convenient, the overall TV case design is very good, with a sleek, thin border and wide metallic stand to keep TV stable on any tabletop or stand, color accuracy gets thumbs up as well as general brightness of color. The 4K screen resolution makes for a sharp image.

The input lag is low which would make any video gamer content, and the 60 Hz processor with Motionflow XR technology of 240 Hz does help eliminate much of the motion blur of fast action, though not all of it. If streaming content is your passion, the Android OS platform is perfect for accessing apps from the Internet or Smart phone. Of the negatives, however, the back of the case protrudes out a bit, which makes wall mounting awkward. In addition, when wall mounted the controls on back of set are harder to access.

The sound quality at maximum volume is above average but average volume frequency is bad. Harmony of the sound is also quite poor. A sound bar would help. The Sony X700D contrast ratio prohibits watching this in a dark room setting; a well-lit room would counter the lighter black tones on TV. In watching movie content on this TV model, older movie content with lower screen resolution will show a ‘judder’ effect. (shaking of image on screen) The big turn off for me was the problem of ghosted images left on screen after the original image left. That can get to be frustrating after a few years of use. The reason for buying 4K technology is to ensure TV will be sustained for the 4K content that will eventually be the only content.

To have to continually deal with this image retention issue will take from the total enjoyment of 4K. Truthfully, if budget were limited, I would recommend the purchase of the HD LED TV at the screen sizes this series offers as having value with price. (1080p content) While Sony X700D could be good as a spare TV in bedroom or for the kids to play video games on or just for downloading apps from Smart phone or tablet to larger screen; I believe as the main TV for household, the quality of 4K technology would be diminished for the other ‘minor’ hindrances mentioned in the total TV viewing experience and lead to a wrong impression of the impressive 4K resolution! Sony does make a good product and it is an amazing price. I caution price alone is not an indicator of value.

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The Sony X700D is 4K technology and the color is bright and consistently the same even when viewing at a wide angle. The TV upscales older content well and the Android platform brings abundant content streaming. However, price alone should not be your guide to a true 4K quality television.

Sony X700D
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