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Sony W850C Android LED HDTV Review

One of the more interesting TVs this year is the Sony W850C. It stands out from others for a number of reasons, primarily because of its new proprietary features that make TV watching, movie streaming and gaming a lot more interesting.
Sony W850C
I was sitting on the middle of the fence here, just because Sony has had some distinct issues for me in the past. But after careful analysis, I really feel the W850C is worth an extensive review here. This is a full 75-inch TV with more than a few bells and whistles; some that we’ve learned to respect, others that are a nice surprise.

As with most high-end TVs we expect a large beautiful and bright screen, but we probably aren’t really expecting perfection. Let me tell you that this new model comes pretty darn close. Sony has a new technology called Motionflow. It’s this that offers an extremely bright LED with bright graphics that contrast in just the right places.

Another interesting and unexpected plus here is the progress the company has made in Android and Smart TV features. This is Smart TV made even smarter.
8.1Dark Room
8.0Average Room
7.9Bright Room
7.8Video Games
8.3Daily Use
8.0Extra Features

Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. I’ve looked high and low for the negatives here, and I have a hard time finding one, but I’d say the voice-activated control could be a problem. Why? Well, because you don’t need the remote control, and that means you can easily misplace it.
  2. Model is only available in larger screen sizes; that of 65-inch or 75-inch.
  1. There are a lot of pluses here, with more than a few new features that are unavailable on comparable models.
  2. X-Reality Pro – This is an enhancement feature that allows for extreme motion clarity. This gives a clarity to darks and lights that’s unequaled. It’s this lack of blurring even in fast motion settings that allows for great sports viewing and game play. This allows for better streaming, even of apps like YouTube.
  3. The Apps – The new clarity of this TV allows for better app use. This allows for a huge collection of apps, games and content.
  4. The Games – A huge collection of integrated games, meaning there is no need to have that gaming console. In fact, some of these are PS3 games.

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Game Play Intensity One of the features I’d like to touch on a little further is the game play intensity. The Sony W850C brings a lot of gaming options to the TV. It brings the world of PlayStation right to the TV without your having to buy or connect a PlayStation to the TV. You can connect the controllers directly to the set to play your favorite games. You can choose from rental or purchase game options and use voice search to access popular games or apps.
It’s The X-Reality that Makes It Possible It all looks gorgeous here. You’ve got access to your HD movies, streaming videos, sports and it all explodes off the screen. This comes with a huge collection of apps, content, and games from the Android Google Play Store already pre-installed, and you can even play a few of the pre-installed PS3 games here without the need of a game console.

Suddenly, everything looks better. All of your existing sports, TV shows and movies are upscaled to super clear quality. Even YouTube®clips and smartphone videos are enhanced with stunning results. The X-Reality™ PRO picture engine analyzes and refines color, clarity and contrast in real time for a beautifully natural picture.
What’s New Here? It’s the fabulous clarity and color that makes this year’s Sony W850C model work. Once you have this TV, it will seem like you were viewing everything else through blurry eyes. Everything is super clear here, even your favorite high speed sports event.

And remember those Youtube videos or your smartphone clips, those videos that always seem just a bit blurry. Well, not anymore. The proprietary X-Reality Pro Picture clears and refines color and contrast, creating a beautiful picture almost every time.
The Contrast Sony is using a new technology here that is an Edge LED backlighting with a combined frame dimming. What this means is that the brights and contrasts are enhanced more in this TV than in others. This new technology enhances brightness and contrast in areas rather than over the entire screen, and it’s this that gives the TV a more realistic image.
Smarter Options This is also much more than just your typical Smart TV; it’s a Smarter TV. The Android TV offers great content, streaming apps and games for our TV. The voice search is amazing and it means you no longer have to figure out all the buttons on the control, or go off in search of it when it falls between the sofa cushions.

Sony offers this model as one of the high-end viewing options. However, the key differentiator here is value. Yes, you spend a bit more here, but you also save by not needing other devices, such as a Game console, or a high-end PC for video streaming. This model does it all for you, and there is certain value in quality and convenience, which is what you get here.

I’m hard pressed to find a negative side to the Sony W850C as the new high-tech features certainly make it stand out from others. I don’t hesitate to recommend this buying option.
8.1Dark Room
8.0Average Room
7.9Bright Room
7.8Video Games
8.3Daily Use
8.0Extra Features
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