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Sony W650D Smart TV

Type: LED Resolution: 1080p Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 40″ – 55″

Sony is well known for making high quality televisions and the W650D is a great example of their craftsmanship. This TV has great pictures thanks to 1080p Full High Definition (HD) resolution and a host of other technologies. It has everything you need to take your home theater system to the next level.

The resolution and image quality from this television is the work of a technology called X-Reality PRO. This innovation uses noise reduction to sharpen each scene, resulting in great clarity and picture quality. The result is a Full HD television that looks better than other HD TVs.

All you sports and action movie fans are going to love Sony’s Motionflow technology. Motionflow maximizes the TV’s refresh rate, which makes keeping up with fast moving images a breeze. You’ll be able to see all your favorite fast-moving sports and action movie sequences in exceptional clarity.

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The W650D becomes even more capable when you hook it up to your wireless network. Once it’s connected to WiFi this TV transforms into a Smart TV. Now you have access to the world of the internet. Browse your favorite sites, check out social media and stream videos from popular sites like Hulu and Netflix. You can also download a ton of different apps, turning your TV into a productive part of your life.

Sound quality is also top-of-the-line with this television. All the sounds are natural and span the full range of frequencies. A very powerful computer inside the TV does everything for you to make sure every sound is clear and maximizes your viewing experience.

This TV also looks great from the moment you put in one of your rooms. It is very slim, so even though it’s a large screen TV it does not take over the room. If you want to really make it blend into the room, hang it on a wall and it becomes more like a decoration than a TV.

Don’t worry about unsightly cables running all over the place. Sony designed a very ingenious cable management system to hide all your cables. Just place them across the television’s back and into the built-in stand. You won’t even know the cables are there.

If you have a smartphone, you can use it with your TV to do even more cool things. With screen mirroring you can send pictures and videos straight to the screen for everyone to enjoy. Want to really amaze your friends? You can let up to 10 of them connect directly to the TV with its build-in WiFi network. Your friends can then send pictures and videos directly onto the big screen TV.

Unlike other TVs, this one also has a USB port. This makes it very convenient to display media and other content on the TV. Just connect your thumb drive or hard drive with the USB port and all your favorite content is at your fingertips. Sony even included the appropriate technology to support tons of different media formats to make sure you can display all your media files.

With Full HD, Smart TV capabilities and a bunch of other innovations, this is a great 1080p television that will look good in your living room and let you watch your favorite shows and movies in stunning clarity.

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As long as you don’t want 4K resolution, and the price tag that goes with it, this is an exceptional Full HD television.

Sony uses several different technologies to enhance the Full HD resolution and make fast moving scenes like sports and action movies look great.

It’s very slim and has a cool cable management system to keep all your wires and cables hidden away. With Smart TV capabilities and the ability to connect up to 10 smartphones at the same time, you and your friends will love hanging out around the W650D.

Sony W650D
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