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Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 55″ – 65″

Sony has stepped into the future of TV perfection to give true competition to the other top premium TV manufacturers: Samsung and LG! The adage true, more is less, by reason of the abundant choices of TV brands sporting OLED technology, consumers benefit with price and technology. The devil is in the details. Of course – with the Sony A1E TVs we can and we will speak of three magnanimous screen sizes of 55, 65, and 77 inches with a seemingly ‘invisible’ stand and a PERFECT contrast ratio and deep, rich, black tone as well as above average sound volume.

Sony’s A1E 4K OLED 4K Smart TV is best for movie and sports watching and for general video game playing due to large screen display, realistic color, smooth motion flow — and sound that emanates directly from screen in what Sony calls acoustic surface technology, as one would experience at theater.

With the ‘perfection’ that is OLED TV and the serious money expenditure, all details matter! Beauty is in the eye of those who behold the ‘big picture’ details of manufacturer’s warranties, overall design aesthetics, sound quality, and understanding the manufacture’s long-standing tech success in more modest to mid-range TV models.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Image retention seen on screen with static images
  2. Higher input lag for 1080p content
  1. PERFECT contrast ratio of dark-to-light colors with the versatility to watching in bright rooms or darker rooms
  2. WIDE viewing angle
  3. SMOOTH motion flow, little image blur
  4. VOLUME and harmony of sound is good

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The design of the Sony A1E OLED TVs in a series is sharp, simple, clean design and in general built with durable materials that last. The borders a mere .39 inches. (1 cm) The minimal borders makes for optimum viewing of the 55, 65, or 77-inches of screen. From the front the TV appears to levitate in mid-air although further inspection shows the innovation of a stand in the back rather than front that makes for TV to lean back a bit. One downside is ports and controls are found on stand making access to controls awkward when wall mounted.

Sony A1E Picture Quality

Sony technicians took to heart the idiom ‘beauty is skin deep’ with the 2017 release of the A1E model TVs because the ‘beauty’ of the A1E OLED TV in a series goes deeper than surface of the flat panel screen to the X1 Extreme Processor, the power that drives the excellent color contrast and black tone levels as well as the deep color shades. (Gradients) HDR10 as well as Dolby Vision support the high dynamic range color content and SDR, standard range content. Motion control or refresh rate of images shows little to NO blur with fast action scenes. No problem in viewing set from wide angle, the color shift is minimal. Indeed, Sony’s A1E OLED picture quality ‘runs deep.’

Sound Quality

Sound volume of the A1E models are above average due to a Sony innovation known as acoustic surface in which sound emanates directly from the OLED screen. Even with such, when volume increases the sound and harmony decrease and a sound bar or external speakers would be a good investment.

Sony A1E Review

“Hark! What light flows through yonder pixel?” OLED light, of course! My apologies to William Shakespeare for taking liberties with that epic soliloquy spoken by Romeo to his beloved Juliet: ‘Hark, what light through yonder window break?’ in the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet, but the beauty of the shades of color, otherwise known as triluminos color, displayed by the 55, 65, and 77-inch screens of Sony A1E OLED light just draws a poetic musing from me. The light that flows by electric current and not backlight panel, bringing an amazing color contrast and brightness to a thin screen design! Local dimming a non-issue with OLED TVs, since there are no backlight panels, light that flows through pixels is ‘off’ on darker scenes. The 4K-screen resolution is enhanced with X-Reality Pro, which does a great job of up scaling those old movies I enjoy so much, like It’s a Wonderful Life. LIFE is wonderful and fast moving as the Sony tech folk understood when they provided the native 12O Hz image transition speed along with Motionflow XR to fully bring smoothness to fast moving content and the X1 Extreme HDR color processor to bring about a color as realistic as life itself! There is absolutely no ‘motion blur’ and there is abundant content streaming thanks to the Android Smart TV operating system with pre-installed favorite apps as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Video. Considering the price with value the 55-inch screen is amazing for all of the technology of this TV!

Smart Features

Not sure who gets credit for SMARTS, the A1E TV or the Sony technology team that integrated the Android operating system that connects to the Google Play Store that provides hundreds of apps to download for constant content streaming! No matter, suffice it that ‘smart technology’ is part of the Sony A1E allowing easy navigation to pre-installed popular apps such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Video. There is a smart remote that offers voice command searching of all content but also a quick list of common settings so user need not navigate to main settings app, that makes the searching easier than other Sony Android TVs of past. Duly noted is that Sony offers the Chromecast technology, which allows for playing both audio and video content from external communication devices such as tablet or smartphone. There is more to this TV than the nightly news, and THAT IS SMART TV!

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The conclusion to this review brings the little details with regards higher cost of the Sony A1E to the equal quality of the LG C7. The answer is in the details and those details are all about degree of technology! With the Sony A1E Smart TV feature, the main interface is ad free, Sony’s own Android OS is connected to Google, and Sony’s Chromecast app allows content to be cast to TV from other sources. The value is regards needs!

Sony A1E
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