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Samsung Q9F 4k Smart QLED TV

Type: QLED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 240 Hz Screen Size: 65″ – 75″

The Samsung Q9F is labeled ‘luxury’ picture viewing! The Q9F comes in three flat panel screens of 65, 75, and a whopping 88-inches! We need to caution that buying this masterfully designed Samsung Q9F TV tech wonder is going to cost some hefty green – from the wallet. What the heck, life is short – so we decided to dig as deep as you will need to dig into the pockets if you decide to purchase this TV. We now set the sites to evaluate if the Samsung Q9F is truly worthy of marketing claims or is it more ‘sizzle’ than ‘steak.’

The Samsung Q9F TVs in series is best for COLOR and the ideal TV for anyone who loves movies! Experience the same awe as Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz felt, as you – like Dorothy – are whisked ‘over the rainbow’ to a colorful world that brings movies to life-like reality!

The bottom line – is the bottom line. The Q9F would be good investment for ‘large scale’ venues such as for a school in showing educational video, sports bar for showing sports, or perhaps in a corporate board room for videos. If you can have it in home, that is ‘golden.’

8.1Dark Room
8.8Average Room
8.4Bright Room
8.7Video Games
8.3Daily Use
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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. There is some clouding when very bright object comes against dark scene.
  2. Quality of contrast ratio loses intensity if watched at angles greater than 25 – 30 degrees of direct viewing.
  1. Superb contrast ratio and deep blacks and grey uniformity
  2. Excellent motion control with little blur.
  3. Excellent versatility in watching in bright, average, or dark rooms.

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Samsung’s Q9F 4K TV is a sleek flat panel design of one-inch thickness and thin metal border. The sleek back makes for flush-to-wall mounting with an option available to tilt the screen. The stand is wide making it very stable on the table. In addition, there is Samsung’s One Connect Box wired to connect to a range of external communication devices using only one white invisible fiber optic cable to TV. The Q9F is QLED technology, quantum dot light emitting diodes, breaking down individual pixels of color to nano-particles and converts electricity to light that is transmitted to each particle.

Q9F Picture Quality

PERFECT contrast ratio, difference of light to darkest in color and the color does not shift when viewed at angle. Black level might shift when viewing a dark scene in dark room from angle, while direct viewing is best in those situations. Overall, angle viewing is quite good for average lit scenes in average lit, bright room, or dark rooms. The motion refresh rate is 120 Hz and gives a smo-oo-oth as silk motion flow! The color brightness is in large part due to the HDR-10, high dynamic range color coupled with the nano-particle ‘crytals’ of color pixels with luminosity in each pixel that produces the utmost of color volume — shadows, mid-tones, and highlights bringing an incredible realistic color picture!

Sound Quality

Sound is always the challenge for thin TVs but in the Q9F the sound audio comes across with good clarity of volume but for ultimate sound quality, investing in a sound bar or external speakers would only serve to enhance the sound experience of a TV of such all-around magnificence.

Q9F Review

Welcome to Samsung’s own innovation, QLED TV, otherwise known as Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode. QLED was designed to be the rival to the LG OLED TV or Organic Light Emitting Diode. Ok, enough of the stuff that wins trivia quiz shows. Let’s get down to what makes the Samsung Q9F TVs in a series worthy of a very hefty price tag. Yes, now you perk up!

The Samsung Q series comes as Q7F flat panel, Q7C curved panel, Q8C curved, and Q9F, flat panel 4K TVs. (as obvious as who is buried in Grant’s tomb what the F and C after model number stands for) The Q9F 4K TV series is the ultimate in ‘perfect’ as far as overall design with the sturdy ‘T’ shaped legs, or there is a ‘gravity stand’ or ‘easel stand’ option.

Only two cables are required to power the Q9F, the TV power cord and the fiber-optic cable that connects to Samsung’s other innovation: the One Connect Box where all external input ports are found for DVD, Game stations, Audio.

The all important contrast ratio is – perfect! Viewing of fast action sports or movies will be sheer joy as motion flow (frames per second) has a 120 Hz speed or refresh rate. No judder at all in movies. And the lowest of input lag to bring smiles to all competitive video game players. Due to the pixels of color being broken to nano particles, the Q9F produces wide color volume (gamut) for spectacular color.

Smart Features

The Q9F is indeed SMART TV! The on-screen interface brings the used app to be selected by default. You can change the order of the apps if you find the one used most often is too far left. Smart Hub is set up to offer personalized content, recommendations, and notify sports fans of important games to watch.

Samsung’s One Remote is a metal, minimalistic, and universal remote needing no user intervention. This means whatever device installed that TV recognizes, the remote will automatically be programmed to support it. Just point the remote at TV and say ‘movie mode’ ‘standard mode.’ ‘adjust settings’, ‘search content’, ‘change channels’, ‘launch apps’ – all with voice, the Q9F obliges and sends verification text! You are ‘the boss.’ There are 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports for connecting to a variety of external communication devices via the One Connect Box that is connected to TV.

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The Samsung Q9F TV in a series boasts not only the widest of screen sizes of 65, 75, and 88 inches but equally a wide color gamut of shades of color due to quantum dot technology that rivals that of OLED technology along with the brightest and accurate of color detail with deep black tones by reason of HDR 10 color technology built within. Perfection is costly, but without doubt, price meets with the value of the Q9F technological expertise.

Samsung Q9F
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