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Samsung MU9000 – UN55MU9000, UN65MU9000, UN75MU9000 Review

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 55″ – 75″

Samsung 4K MU9000 TV models come in three screen sizes of 55 (UN55MU9000), 65 (UN65MU9000) and 75 (UN75MU9000) inches in comparison to the 49, 55, 65 and 75 inch MU8000. We definitely agree that ‘less is more’, however, in comparison of the different, yet same, Samsung TV models. The ‘value’ with price always makes the difference.

The Samsung MU9000 is Premium 4K Smart TV with capital ‘P’! excellence in color contrast and level of black tone richer and deeper thanks to Triple Black Extreme technology in place and with a Motion Rate 240 with native 120 Hz processor, providing a smoothness of image transition.

Best for premium color and black uniformity and abundance of color shades with smooth flow of action with the Motion Rate 240 Hz processor that brings the sports of baseball, football and basketball to an awesome ‘armchair reality’ in your living room. Perfect for sports enthusiasts and all movie aficionados. .

We suggest considering 55-inch MU9000 sporting 240 Hz processor over the similar price of the 65-inch 120 Hz MU8000. With faster refresh rate, low input lag, and richer blacks and wider color gamut of Samsung’s MU9000, value will be sustained for a longer time. Why quibble over a few inches?

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Color diminishes when viewed from angle of 20 degrees off center.
  2. Sound volume average and harmony slightly below average.
  1. Motion Rate 240 Hz enhances native 120 Hz processor speed.
  2. Wide color gamut with billions more pixels that bring picture depth.
  3. Fast easy to use Tizen operating system and One Connect Box that connects all communication devices with a single cable.

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The first thing to look at in considering a TV, or perhaps the first thing that attracts to then looking deeper into the TV is the overall look of the TV. Both the 55 and 65-inch MU9000 4K TV models are flat panel screens and come with V-shaped metal stand for sturdiness on tabletop as well the signature sleek, clean 360 degree ‘design’ that is found in all the MU series TVs, from the MU7000, 8000, and 9000 series, making aesthetically beautiful flush-to-wall mounting. The thin metal border will not take away from the brilliance of color image on screen.

Picture Quality

Now to get beyond the ‘pretty face’ to what matters with the higher end Samsung 4K MU9000 TVs: The picture quality! The MU9000 color brilliance is derived from Color Drive Extreme technology which produces a wide color gamut of shades of color to make for a very realistic image view with little color banding that could come when colors go from light to dark. Black tones are deep and rich with Triple Black Extreme and makes for the all important contrast ratio to be rated quite well. The native refresh rate is 120 Hz and enhanced by Motion Rate 240 bringing blur to a minimum. Color diminishes when viewed twenty degrees off center. Up-scaling of lower resolution content also sharp.

Sound Quality

Sound: it is what keeps Samsung techs up at night. The bad volume and harmony of the sleek, thin high tech TVs. When volume decibel is kept in mid-range it is ‘just average’ and we do recommend purchasing external speakers or at the least a sound bar to enhance clarity.


The MU9000 is as perfect as can be without having to purchase the latest of TV perfection in the Samsung QLED, quantum dot, technology. Such beautiful prices for so much Samsung technological expertise packed into fifty-five or sixty-five inches of space!

This premium MU9000 is a flat panel TV and premium MU8500 is a curved panel with a noticeable price jump for the sixty-five inch screen. (want vs need) The fifty-five inch screen, however, of the MU9000 is – HOW MUCH? ‘WOW’ – what an amazing price for the smooth transition of images with native 120 Hz processor with Motion Rate 240 built on that, and such realistic color detail due to the UHD Re-mastering Engine optimizing color and contrast ratio, and yes the black tone is rich and deep by the Precision Black feature, which is by another name called local dimming. Local dimming means that when there is a dark scene the backlight panel will adjust light so black tones retain dark tone and not ‘grey out.’

With local dimming the TV can be viewed in average lighting or dark room settings, as is the case of the versatile premium Samsung MU9000. This is luxury TV viewing and, even with largest screen, price is not so ‘crazy.’ It’s really quite affordable and gives stature to your work efforts to be able to say YES to this premium TV. The good news is, if this isn’t quite right for the budget, there is a Samsung MU model that is ‘ju-ussst right.’

Smart Features

The MU9000 has many great Smart TV features including that of the fast quad core processor 2017 Tizen operating system and Smart Hub platform that enables very easy navigation from the popular apps such as Hulu, Amazon Video and Netflix to streaming content via the external devices connected to TV, by way of four HDMI ports three USB ports found on the One Connect Box that connects all devices with one single cable from box to TV.

There is ability to also download many apps from the Samsung store. Screen mirroring feature allows for mirroring content seen on Smart phone or tablet to TV or from TV to Smart phone or tablet. The Smart One Remote is simple and universal, and voice activated that works on all devices attached to the MU9000. There is very low input lag and that makes this ideal for video gaming. Kudos for Smart TV!

Samsung UN55MU9000 Review

The picture quality and performance of Samsung UN55MU9000 has been improved with the introduction of better HDR features. In order to bring more shadows into the dark scenes and bring out most of the details, it has been developed with the three unique technologies related to the triple black extreme. To prevent glare and reflection there is a special protective coating on the screen that will absorb all the ambient light.

Samsung UN55MU9000 has a 54.6 inches screen with 4K, high definition screen resolution. The motion rate of the product is 240 and it is a blur reduction technology. It means that you will get the best picture quality.

For increased color range and brightness, the TV has been developed with the 4K color drive extreme technology. While playing the games or watching a movie you can easily see all the details whether the scene is in the dark or light. You will never miss even a minor detail and it will enhance your experience of watching HD movies. For the excellent contrasts of the black levels, it has the UHD precision and LED edge backlight.

You can watch all types of 4K videos on the TV and it has excellent connectivity that will allow you to enjoy the videos from different sources including Netflix. The biggest attraction of the Samsung UN55MU9000 is that you can easily connect it with your smart phone to exchange data or enjoy the videos or games. Share anything, anytime or any device you prefer.

Samsung UN65MU9000 Details Review With Functionalities

Though there are so many new brands are producing smart TVs, but Samsung is clearly ahead from them with unique features. They have several models of the smart television, and the Samsung UN65MU9000 is one of the most popular models of them. This is a 65-inch LED HD smart TV with so many smart functionalities. It has a faster 240Hz frame rate to reduce the motion blur. Customers love this model because of its crystal-clear image quality.


It comes with the 360-degree design. Easy to setup on a table with the strong stand. Or you can use the wall mount tool to fit it in your living room. The slim design makes it stylish. The Samsung clear cable solution eliminates the clutter issue by neatly routing cords through the base of the stand. It comes with almost zero borders. Also, there is no additional thick part in the backside.

Picture Quality

The most important part of a smart TV is its picture quality. If you are annoyed with your previous TV because of a bad color contrast, just move to this Samsung UN65MU9000. Its 4k HD picture quality is the best to enjoy your favorite movies, sports, etc. You can also play high-resolution games with it. Expanded color and depth ensures the perfect image quality in both light and dark rooms. Triple Black Extreme brings out extreme detail even in the darkest scenes. Motion rate 240 make the sports and fast moving content realistic.

Sound Quality

The speakers of Samsung UN65MU9000 have total 40 watts of audio output. 10w from each speaker and 10w each from 2 subs to ensure the best sound quality. Because of its wonderful sound quality, you will hardly think about bulky, unattractive sound bar especially in a modern or minimalist setting.


There are 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports available. Also, other audio and video outputs to connect with additional audio and video players. There is one smart remote control included which allows the users to control all functions. You can also use your smartphone as the remote control.

Smart Functionalities

Samsung has used the Android operating system for this smart TV. You can use the television like your smartphone. There is a built in Wi-Fi connection to browse the web without any hassle. You can install several apps as you wish. Also, you can connect the TV to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Minimal input lag in the Game mode for playing various types of games smoothly. The quad core processor keeps it fast and smooth. All essential apps are included. You can also connect your gaming station with it.

Final Verdict

This is the most affordable smart TV from Samsung with new technologies. If you are struggling to find out the best smart TV within your budget, this will solve the issue. No matter what kind of activities you are going to do with it, it is faster and smoother. Watching favorite TV serials to playing games, everything is easy with the Samsung UN65MU9000.

Samsung UN75MU9000 Review

Now we will review Samsung UN75MU9000 TV model. This 75 inch MU9000 TV is basically available in two other sizes that are 55 inches and 65 inches but those who prefers even bigger screen can go with this 75 inch model. The series although the best TV series of the year because of its latest features such as black extreme feature, enhanced and anti-glare screen properties and wider color gamut. This model was specifically improved to deliver the best view of dark shadow details.

One of the eye-catching feature of this Tv is that it has a strong LED edge lighting technology. Due to this quality of this flat screen model an excellent experience is provided to the viewers through dynamic images. Also, this makes this TV best for gaming because it has the minimal input lag. And because of the 4K picture quality the HD programming up conversion of this Tv looks perfect.

Although there are some drawbacks associated with this model as well. The picture quality is not the best when you see it from an angle. The viewer can clearly experience the loss of saturation and contrast. This is basically not an issue with the many other flat screen TVs but for a 75 inches model it is a major drawback. Also, the price of the Tv is relatively higher than the other 75 inches model. But for those who are looking for a television for a day to day use this is an ideal Tv model for them. Besides its side angle draw back, it has the perfect color, contrast and the black levels. Even the design of the Tv is an attractive one because it has a clutter free cable routing solution and speakers attached to this model has combined capacity of 40 W. This is enough to deliver the best sound quality.

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When deciding which Samsung MU series to get – always keep in mind value with price. The 55-inch MU8000 TV series giving four screen choices is a few dollars more the 55-inch MU9000 giving only two large screen choices. The improved contrast ratio and faster processing of image to screen in the Motion Rate 240 technology would make the MU9000 55-inch of greater value for the ability of sustained longevity. It is personal preference with regards needs, wants, budget. Samsung MU series TVs make 4K TV a winner no matter your choice.

Samsung MU9000
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