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Samsung MU8500 4k Curved Ultra HD TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 240 Hz Screen Size: 55″ – 65″

The Samsung MU8500 TV models come in two screen sizes of 55 and 65 inches, wide metallic stand, and sleek, thin metallic border design. The TV is of a unique curved screen that fully wraps around you with sharp color contrast, bright HDR color and rich deep black tones. While not as sharp as the 2016 Samsung KS8500 with quantum dot color technology, the MU8500 is still ‘winner’ in contrast ratio, color brightness, the fast refresh rate, and for the price and value for average budgets in comparing the MU8000 flat panel 65-inch screen with the MU8500 luxury curved screen.

The Samsung MU8500 is best for the curved screen design, fast refresh rate by way of the Motion Rate 240 technology built to the native refresh rate of 120 Hz processor, and low input lag making this TV the ideal for fast-action sports and movie viewing and competitive video gaming.

Hug the curve of your 2017 Samsung MU8500 4K TV models with choice of 55 and 65-inch screens with superior refresh rate as well as the lowest in input lag time. If room and budget size permits, the 65-inch curved screen will sustain its value for many a year.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Color gamut not as wide as KS8500 series with QLED technology.
  2. Color diminishes when viewed as little as 20 degrees off center.
  1. Exquisite color contrast and deep black tone.
  2. Superb motion handling and very low input lag.
  3. Abundant content streaming via the many apps available for download from the Samsung store.

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The first thing to ‘hit the eye’ when seeing the Samsung MU8500 is the luxurious curved screen. The stand legs are set wide in a grey rather than black color, and cable wires run through the legs to keep things neat. The wide spaced legs will mean that a wide tabletop is needed for stability, if you are not wall mounting, however, why not wall mount? The clean 360-degree design of the sleek MU8500 TVs makes the back as ‘clean’ as the front and allows for mounting flush to the wall for an aesthetically pleasing viewing experience.

MU8500 Picture Quality

The Samsung ‘premium’ MU8500 models in either of the two sizes of 55-inches or 65-inches will leave you in awe. Superb color contrast with expanded shades of color for added depth perception. The Samsung technology feature of Color Drive Extreme and HDR Extreme; a substitute for the higher end Samsung QLED technology known as quantum dot technology, brings down cost while not substituting all important color quality. The MU8500 is so packed with technology and makes the price of the fifty-five inch screen budget friendly! Motion Rate 240 tech feature builds on the native 120 Hz motion refresh rate for smoo-oooth image transmission! There is also local dimming allowing for deep blacks to be retained even in a dark room.

Sound Quality

Samsung technicians have conquered the sound ‘barrier’ to a perfect TV experience by installing the Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Premium Sound 5.1 to the MU8500 TV models to bring a powerful cinema quality surround sound clarity of volume and better harmony than the 2016 KS8500. Thumbs up on sound!

MU8500 Review

Status or stature: everyone likes the feeling of ‘walking tall’ and having a level of good status or stature amongst peers that speaks of one’s good reputation and quality standards and folks enjoy having a product that reflects their stature. Samsung’s MU TVs in a series whether the six, seven, eight or nine series recognizes everyone’s good work efforts with 4K TVs for all hard working persons and that ‘there is always better’ as one continues in the good work habits.

The Samsung MU8500 is the beginnings of premium 4K technology without having to spend one’s entire hard earned fortune. The curved screen is aesthetically beautiful whether wall mounted or on tabletop, choice of two large screen sizes, for a cinematic viewing experience that includes Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Premium Sound akin to what you would find in cinema surround sound. STATUS!

The Samsung MU8500 TVs in a series will provide your family a level of status that reflects your responsible work ethic serving others. Besides the curved screen is the tech feature of a re-mastering engine that upscales lower res content for abundant constant content.

The 4K HDR Extreme, 4K Color Extreme, Triple Black Extreme brings billions of shades of color and rich black tone ‘almost’ as good as Samsung’s latest innovation: QLED TVs. (quantum dot technology) and Motion Rate 240 for 240 Hz refresh rate of frames per second coming to screen. It’s beautiful and quite an amazing price WITH value! The Samsung MU8500 is awesome technology!

Smart Features

The 2017 Samsung Tizen operating system is comprised of Smart Hub platform, as was the 2016 KS8500 TVs. Quick response in downloading of apps from the Samsung store and in navigating between apps and TV menu items. The Smart universal One Remote is voice activated to change settings or navigate to apps. All external connections such as DVDs, gaming devices, and tablets go through Samsung’s own One Connect Box Mini.

All wired connections go through this one box and all devices get connected to the TV with one single cable, eliminating ‘messy’ cable clutter. The advantage of the One Connect Box is that if there is update to the HDMI or USB ports, you need only change the box and not your costly TV. The MU8500 TVs come with four HDMI and three USB ports. Mirroring technology allows for showing content from Smart phone or tablet to the TV screen.

MU8500 vs KS8500 (2016) Comparison

Features MU8500 KS8500
Screen size 55 Inch (UN55MU8500), 65 Inch (UN65MU8500) 49 Inch (UN49KS8500), 55 Inch (UN55KS8500), 65 Inch (UN65KS8500)
Resolution 4K (2160 x 3840) 4K (2160 x 3840)
Type of Panel Curved Curved
Dimming Technology Local Dimming (Precision Black) Local Dimming (Precision Black)
Panel Technology VA Panel VA Panel
UHD Dimming Yes Yes
Picture Engine UHD Remastering Engine Information not provided
HDR Engine 4K HDR Extreme HDR1000
Backlighting Edge Lit Edge Lit
HDR Support HDR 10 HDR 10
Support 10 Bit Yes Yes
Ultra Clear Panel Yes Ultimate
Peak Illuminator Pro Pro
Color Technology 4K Color Drive Extreme Quantum Dot Panel
Blacks Triple Black Ultra Black
UHD Up-scaling Yes Yes
Depth Enhancing Technology N/A Auto Depth Enhancing
Motion Handling 240 240
Refresh rate Native 120 Hz Native 120 Hz
Smart Platform Tizen 2017 Tizen 2016
3D No No
Audio Channel 2.1 2.1
Sound Output 40W (10W x 2, Woofer 10W x 2) 40W (10W x 2, Woofer 10W x 2)
HDMI 4 4
USB 3 3

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The conclusion of our review is that the Samsung MU8500 will not disappoint in terms of color contrast and brightness of color. The overall price cost difference between the 55 and a 65-inch screen is negligible; it is all about your budget and your room size. Great color contrast, color brightness, smooth fast motion flow of image transmission and low input lag. We find price with value in the 55-inch curved screen over that of Samsung MU8000 flat panel TV.

Samsung MU8500
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