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Samsung MU7500 4k Curved LED TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 49″ – 65″

Did you ever meet someone for the first time and yet ‘felt’ as though you always knew them? You may get such feeling if you review the 49, 55, and 65 inch TVs of the Samsung MU7500 series of 4K Smart TVs. The straight truth is that the major difference is the screen type of the MU7500 vs MU7000. The MU7500 models sport the luxury of an aesthetically beautiful curved screen that brings you to be fully wrapped into a panoramic picture view. The purpose of our review is to determine if the MU7500 TVs is worthy of price difference.

The Samsung MU7500 is best for the luxurious curve of the TV screen, which has the ability to give a wider field of view of a scene and greater contrast of light and dark. Such attribute makes the Samsung MU7500 a good choice for those who love movies and sports.

The bottom line is your personal preference of curved screen that fully immerses one to the action on screen, realistic color with wide color gamut, and great contrast and smooth motion flow with the Motion Rate 120 processor bringing the abundant and easy to navigate content via Tizen operating system.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Tizen operating platform does show ads on app menu.
  2. Color brightness diminishes when viewed at angle.
  1. Curved screen design provides for panoramic view experience.
  2. Motion Rate 120 technology reduces motion blur and judder in fast action scenes.
  3. Auto Depth Enhancer technology for improved color contrast.

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The overall look of the 2017 Samsung MU7500 is a sleek, 360 degree, well-designed TV that looks good front to back. The thin silver colored border makes the Samsung MU7500 look more expensive than it is. The curved screen design creates a panoramic TV viewing experience that brings the ball field to your living or family room or draws you to feel part of any movie action. (don’t ask for autographs) The wide Y-shaped silver colored stand is sturdy on any table or mounts flush to wall. Two USB and Three HDMI ports on side of TV make accessibility easy.

MU7500 Picture Quality

Picture quality of the 2017 MU7500 rates four and five star reviews (out of a score of five stars being best) This rating is attributed to the technological expertise that is Samsung. Color contrast is very good thanks to the 4K Color Drive Pro application, delivering a wide color gamut of shades of color that produce such realistic color you do feel as if you are part of any scene. With Essential Black Pro and the UHD Dimming part of the technology, dark scenes don’t lose their rich black tone so this TV can be watched in dark or average lit room settings. Motion Rate 120 brings smooth motion (refresh rate) across screen. Up scales lower res content very well.

Sound Quality

The Samsung Dolby Digital Plus speakers does help along the sound quality of the MU7500 TVs but it is still at best ‘average’ in sound and harmony balance and the purchasing of external speakers or a sound bar would be a wise investment to an otherwise quality TV viewing experience.

MU7500 Review

In the MU7500 model series from Samsung there are three different screen sizes to choose from even as technology in all three screen sizes remains the same. Samsung wants you to have it as easy as possible when selecting the screen size that best fits your household budget as well as your room size. Now… the ‘devil’ is in the details! You will note that the MU7500 is so similar to the MU7000 or MU6300, MU6500. The difference is the screen shape. In the MU7000 the screen is flat panel, the MU7500 is a curved panel, similar to the curved panel of the MU6500 and flat panel of the MU6300.

Just remember that the MU 6000 AND 7000 TVs in series are classified as standard TV and the price is significantly less than the TVs in the MU8 and MU9 TVs in series, which are also flat or curved and fall into premium TV category.

Main difference in pricing between standard and premium is the degree of the technology! The tech features in the standard MU 6 and 7 series differ in degree of technology. The MU7500 shows color well for the 4K HDR Pro, (high dynamic color) 4K Color Drive Pro, Essential Black Pro, and Auto Depth Enhancer feature – the tech features for better contrast ratio and color uniformity – better refined than the lower MU6300 and MU6500 TVs. The MU7500 also sports 360 degree design – an aesthetically better looking TV front-to-back with a silver colored thin border and stand.

Smart Features

As is the standard for Samsung’s 2017 MU models, lower to higher end premium TVs, the MU7500 is Smart TV with the easy to navigate Tizen operating system and Smart Hub as platform for keeping control of such popular apps as Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube. There is opportunity to download many apps from the Samsung store.

Three HDMI ports and two USB ports on the side of the machine allow for external communication devices. There is a smart universal remote called ‘One Remote’ to control TV settings, search content, and connect with such devices as DVD, gaming devices and audio players. The smart remote has few buttons on remote itself, but there is ability to handle settings and app navigation via voice activation. As is the MU7000, input lag time is low which is good for gaming.

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It is good to remember what matters in Samsung’s MU TV models. A faster processor and better contrast ratio will bring better viewing and for that reason we recommend the MU7500 mid-size screen of 55 inches for price with value over the mid-size MU6500 55 inch screen. The MU7000 flat panel with same tech features is good value with less cost. If your heart is set on a curved screen, the 55-inch MU6500 provides a better price for near same technology.

Samsung MU7500
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