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Samsung MU7000 4k Ultra HD TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 40″ – 65″

Samsung 4K MU7000 TV models come in series of differing screen sizes with technology the same no matter screen chosen. Screen sizes range in size from 40, 49, 55, and 65-inch screens. While not in the higher end of Samsung MU9000 TVs, these TVs are Samsung’s answer to quality TV viewing at amazing prices for the technology known as 4K. There is status to everything and yes, it would be an upgrade from your Samsung or any other brands of HD LED TV. This Samsung MU7000 review will look closely as to whether the amazing price makes for an equally amazing value.

Design aesthetics with wide silver color stand and thin silver color border looks good standing on tabletop in any room, while providing superb color contrast, HDR color, low input lag, little to no judder, good up scaling of lower res content, the MU7000 is best for movies and video games.

Excellent color contrast, rich black tone, good for average lit rooms or dark rooms. The up scaling of lower res content, easy-to-navigate Tizen operating system, Smart Hub, with pre-installed apps Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Video will give hours of viewing pleasure. Best price with value is the Samsung MU7000 55-inch screen TV.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Not good for very bright rooms, due to reflection on screen.
  2. Color quality diminishes when viewed from wide angle.
  1. Sound volume and harmony quality at average volume is decent, even without added sound bar.
  2. Excellent contrast ratio and deep black tone.
  3. Low input lag that will satisfy general gaming needs.

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The Samsung MU7000 TV shows well to most eyes and will give good impression whether standing on tabletop or wall mounted in any room. The v-shaped, wide metal stand will require a wide table to stand on and care should be taken not to bump the set, as TV could wobble. The MU7000 thin, silver colored borders allows for greater image view. The texture on back aesthetically pleasing. Samsung’s design engineers kept consumer comfort in mind, so Samsung MU7000 has three HDMI and two USB ports located on side for easy access whether wall mounted or on table. Overall design will not disappoint.

MU7000 Picture Quality

The ‘meat’ of any TV is the picture quality no matter how good the physical design looks. The all important contrast ratio, which is the ratio of brightest white and darkest black in a scene. Samsung’s MU7000 TVs are ‘near perfect’ in terms of native contrast ratio. Unfortunately, not having a local dimming feature that adjusts brightness of very dark scenes the black tone may not seem ‘as black.’ Overall brightness of the colors displayed on the MU7000 screen is a bit better than average and viewing TV in average or dark rooms works best. BRIGHT room settings makes for too much reflective light on the screen and hinders viewing as would angle viewing decrease brightness of the color and black tone.

Sound Quality

Now to the all-important sound of your MU7000. Thin TV may be aesthetically pleasing — but sound quality in terms of volume frequency and harmony of tone value, always the ‘rub’ that irritates. The Samsung MU7000 sound quality is passable, but external speakers or sound bar would be good purchase.

MU7000 Review

So say potato, some say pa-ta-to, some say tomato, some say ta-ma-to; it’s all personal preference; as is the purchasing of Samsung 4K TVs in the MU series, MU 6, 7, 8, or 9, it is all personal preference! Samsung’s 2017 models in the MU7000 series designed to make as many consumers happy as possible with top technology throughout, choices of screen size, and choice of flat or curved panel.

The MU 6 TVs are good – the MU7000 TVs a bit better in technical and aesthetic look. MU8, MU9 series is – premium 4K TV – yet, all TVs quite amazingly affordable! In fact, if your budget permits, for a few hundred dollars more you might consider the premium MU9000 with moderate size screen of 55 inches rather than the MU7000 55 inch screen. (UN55MU7000 with its 55 inch screen gives enough view screen to appreciate the sharp clarity of 4K screen resolution)

The flat panel of the Samsung MU7000 is a few dollars less than MU7500 with curved screen. If you have your heart set on cinema quality BIG screen viewing, then we are sure the Samsung MU7000 sixty-five inch will provide a good physical look front to back, color contrast and color uniformity with its 4K Color Drive Pro, 4K HDR Pro, Essential Black Pro, and smooth image transition with the tech build on of Motion Rate 120 on native 60 Hz processor. The MU7000 color contrast, color uniformity, smooth motion flow – the essential needs met WITH A LARGE CINEMA STYLE SCREEN! The MU7000 is perfect!

Smart Features

The Samsung MU7000 Smart TV technology includes the easy navigation of the Tizen Smart Hub operating system and the very ‘simple’ ‘voice activated’ universal smart One Remote to change TV settings and search content.

There are ads that appear next to the app menu bar — a minor inconvenience with respect to the price of the Samsung MU7000. Content streaming abundance due to three HDMI and two USB ports that connect to other communication devices such as DVD players, game devices and audio players and play content cast from Smartphone or tablet. The popular Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube come pre-installed on the Tizen operating platform and other apps can be downloaded into your new Samsung MU7000 TV!

The UN65MU7000 input lag time is low, making this acceptable to lovers of video gaming. The native 60 Hz refresh rate might be frustrating for the competitive ‘fast’ video gaming but overall this is SMART TV viewing with some amazing prices!

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In conclusion, the price of the Samsung 55-inch 4K MU7000 TV does add value to amazing price with consideration of prices of HD LED TVs. The price of the 49-inch screen makes good sense for a spare TV for the home office / den, bedroom, dorm, or simply a TV for playing video games. The mid-level technology of the HDR color brightness and processor speed in these Samsung 4K TV models, the 40 and 65-inch TVs seem expensive, but won’t disappoint.

Samsung MU7000
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