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Samsung MU6500 4k Ultra HD Smart TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 49″ – 65″

Finally! Big screens and 4K Smart TV technology that match the everyday working person’s budget. The 2017 Samsung 4K MU6500 Smart TVs are the successors of the 2016 Samsung KU6500 TV in a series. The MU6500 comes in three screen sizes of 49, 55, and 65 inches with specially designed curved screens sporting prices that will make any working person ‘drool’ – but try not to drool on the screen – it may impede the panoramic viewing experience of the HDR (high dynamic range) color. Hold the drool, and applause, as we provide closer examination of these easy-on-budget 4K TVs from Samsung!

Best for higher end TV technology known as Ultra High Definition or 4K technology and large screen sizes with very affordable pricing that gives the every day working person an opportunity to experience abundant content streaming via a myriad of such popular apps such as Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube.

The bottom line is the bottom line! Samsung’s brand of quality is without question and Samsung is obviously intent on making sure EVERYONE experiences that quality with respect to each individual budget. The MU6500’s most valued critics, the consumer, give the MU6500’s a four out of five star thumbs up!

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. 60 Hz native processing refresh rate for images.
  2. Sound quality average at average decibel range, sound bar purchase would enhance sound.
  1. Curved screen design provides for panoramic viewing experience.
  2. Motion Rate 120 technology reduces motion blur and judder in fast action scenes.
  3. Auto Depth Enhancer technology for improved color contrast.

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The overall look of the Samsung MU6500 is the standard of a slim plastic black case and thin border frame but in comparison to the 2016 KU6500, differs with a curved rather than a flat panel screen. Screen is a semi-gloss finish that deflects light reflection well. The curved screen provides a full field of view with a brilliance of color depth. The stand is a v-shaped small ‘footprint’ also black plastic but sturdy and fits on smaller tabletops, not taking up a lot of room. Wall mounting is easy and mounts flush to wall and complements any room décor.

MU6500 Picture Quality

Always important in selecting a TV – the quality of the picture viewing experience! Samsung engineers have provided an impressive amount of technology to enhance color contrast, smooth motion flow, color brightness and deep black tone, as well as good up scaling of lower res content; with Auto Depth Enhancer, for enhancing color contrast, 4K Color Drive for enhanced color and Essential Black Pro for deep black tone.

Motion Rate 120 steps in to ‘step up’ the native 60-Hz processor to reduce motion blur. Also adding to the quality of your TV viewing experience is the UHD dimming and UHD up scaling of of lower resolution content to that of 4K resolution bringing not only quality but also quantity of visuals!

Sound Quality

While sound is always a thorn in the side for the sleek, slim big screen TVs; Samsung’s MU6500 TVs in a series has good sound when played at average decibel range thanks to Dolby Digital Plus speakers. The purchase of external sound bar would enhance the overall quality of sound.

MU6500 Review

The overall experience of viewing the Samsung 4k Smart TV model MU6500 was one of disbelief! I had to look three times at each of the prices of the three screen sizes! Such fantastic tech features, the same in all three 4K Smart TVs – with curved screen that really makes a TV viewer feel part of the action happening on the screen. It is like being part of the sports team, especially because of the smooth image flow to the screen.

While native refresh rate is 60 Hz, the engineers added the application called Motion Rate 120 that really takes all the ‘blur’ away. Except for the ‘blur’ of the reality that everyday average households could now step up to having 4K technology such as what the MU6500 TV holds. The color is bright and with great contrast thanks to 4K Color Drive and Auto Depth Enhancer and the black tones on screen are deep dark and remain such even in dark scenes in dark room thanks to Essential Black Pro and UHD Dimming feature technology built in. All settings are controlled by voice command, Amazing!

The viewing is best in room with average lighting, not too bright, but if you want to experience that home theater experience with your big screen MU6500 4K TV – not a problem. With what higher end TVs cost, the possibility exists of buying the larger screen for the general family entertainment room and then a smaller size for the home office, kitchen, or bedroom.

Smart Features

Status! That’s what upgrading from HD LED TV to the Samsung MU6500 4K Smart TV will bring to your home. From the wide curved screen, to panoramic, bright color images, to Samsung’s own easy-to-navigate Tizen operating system that provides the Smart TV technology of connecting to abundant content streaming with such popular apps as Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, and more apps available via the Samsung on-line store.

Consider the MU6500 4K Smart TV as a ‘first step up’ to the latest TV technology without breaking the budget to do so! The three screen sizes of 49, 55, and 65 inches have amazing prices for the abundance of smart technology found with these TVs. The Samsung Smart Hub makes the navigating between TV and apps very easy with fast response. The Samsung MU6500 has one universal remote that works by voice command to change settings and to search content.

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This review of 2017 Samsung MU6500 rests with the understanding the quality of the Samsung brand and that the objective of 4K Smart TV is constant content via internet connection of movies, sports, and a myriad of apps available to download. The Samsung 4K MU6500 Smart TV will definitely fulfill that objective and bring the home ‘up to date’ on latest TV technology while not breaking the household budget for retirement savings or your children’s post high school education needs!

Samsung MU6500
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