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Samsung MU6300 4k Ultra HD TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 40″ – 75″

This great 2017 TV may be the answer for those who want an ‘average’ viewing experience with wide abundance of content. The Samsung MU6300 LED 4K TV in a series provides a wide selection of six different screen widths for consumers to choose from that fit into average rooms with average to dark room lighting without busting the average budget. On the basics of what makes a quality TV viewing experience, the contrast ratio puts ‘average’ to rest! The black tone of picture is excellent! The color depth of shades of color also rate quite well.

The Samsung MU6300 TV series is best for contrast ratio, the difference of lights to darks in an image. This TV feature is what ‘makes’ that sharp picture. The picture quality is enhanced with quantity of content by good up scaling of older resolution content as well as Smart TV.

We would recommend the Samsung MU6300 LED 4K TV for those upgrading from a 1080p LED TV to 4K Smart TV technology. Great for small or average room areas and average budgets. The 55-inch screen would be best value to appreciate sharp contrast ratio while enjoying movies and video gaming.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Color and black tone fades when viewed at angle.
  2. Motion smoothness is average with minor blur and slight ‘judder’ in movie content.
  1. Contrast Ratio is excellent. Sound decent in mid-level frequency range.
  2. Smart TV internet connectivity with easy-to-use Tizen operating system.
  3. Low input lag makes for decent video gaming experience.

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In practical application of design based on form and function the MU6300 TV series passes muster. It is standard for TV technology: a sturdy, black plastic that stands well on tabletop or wall mounted. The external ports and TV controls that are placed on side of TV allow for easy accessibility. The borders are just short of one inch in thickness. The stand is V-shaped and will hold ‘steady’ should the kids bump it ‘a bit.’ Nothing different from the past Samsung KU6300 or JS5000 model series. When something works, keep it! As a Samsung Smart TV, it works quite well!

MU6300 Picture Quality

Fortunate for the budget conscious consumer — Samsung MU6300 TVs has the necessary ingredient to quality picture: contrast ratio! The black tones are deep and the color of light to dark excellent! Color brightness is good for average lit rooms or dark rooms. The color brightness becomes subdued in very bright room settings as the semi-gloss screen finish reflects light on the screen. Response rate of frames per second is average but good. The lower resolution content not as sharp as 1080 pixels per inch or 4K content and lower res movie content has some ‘judder’ — but only a connoisseur of resolution would notice. As a Samsung Smart TV for mixed use, and in consideration of price, the picture quality will not disappoint.

Sound Quality

The thin or semi-thin cases that surround TV technology is always an achilles heel — aka weak area! Yet, believe it or not, the Samsung MU6300 volume when kept at mid-level decibel range is good in both volume and tone. External speakers or sound bar purchase would help the sound quality.

MU6300 Review

In describing the MU6300 TV models in a series, pardon us if we sound a bit ‘like’ that of Dr. Seuss, that author with knack for creative word decriptions: The MU6300 TVs are ‘stable on the table’ ‘incapable of a fall from the wall.’ … and ‘while sound won’t astound, as it is a might weak,’ ‘it’s not really anything a sound bar can’t tweak.’ ‘The color surely does get the cheers in many a review,’ ‘the cheers from all the many you’s who use.’ ‘What else can be said,’ we say with a Seuss-character-like grin: ‘Samsung MU6300 is an economical and technological consumer win-win.’

While the use of these Seuss-like rhymes is from our own mind, the Samsung MU6300 TVs comes from one of the major players in TV technology — Samsung! A brand quite well known. The many tech wizards who have put their genius to work to create both high tech Smart TV with same technology no matter the screen size that will fit any room and any household budget — there is the win-win. This Samsung TV model will not ‘bust the budget’ just to keep up with Smart TV technology.

The Samsung TVs response rate leaves little motion blur and while some judder is seen in low-res movies, it isn’t noticeable to most consumers. It would not be bad idea to put Samsung MU6300 TV models in consideration for the general family entertainment of abundant content streaming of Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, gaming and with voice activated remote control.

Smart Features

What are the smart features you can expect with purchase of your Samsung 4K MU6300 TV? With the Tizen operating system as a Samsung smart platform, navigation is easy to access main menu features found on a thin bar at bottom of the home screen. If you didn’t want to use the pull down menus to navigate selections, there is the smart remote with microphone so you can search content and change TV settings with voice command.

There is also a joystick to control this Samsung TV if voice command is not your thing. Push left or right on joystick to raise the volume or click joystick to bring up the ‘home menu’ to search content. The MU6300 can be connected to your tablet or smartphone, which can search content and upload to your MU6300 TV. Enjoy popular pre-loaded apps of Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube and add many more from the app menu.

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The conclusion of our assessment of the Samsung MU6300 TV models is a ‘thumbs up’ GO! Granted it isn’t latest and greatest in terms of ultra thin design and perhaps it is best to say perfect color is in perception of what one has in the immediate rather than the higher end Samsung TV models. Where it counts: color contrast, low input lag, and easy to navigate smartTV with streaming content — it’s great TV viewing on a budget!

Samsung MU6300
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