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If you are interested in a TV that will provide you with the very best viewing experience, a Samsung 65” 4K Curved screen model is the best choice. The latest feature to take over the TV industry may have received some mixed reviews at first, but as more consumers try out these TVs for themselves, the concept is becoming more widely accepted.

Anyone who loves owning the latest and greatest high-tech items is sure to enjoy all the benefits that Samsung’s curved TV models have to offer. And by reading the reviews listed below, you can get all the facts about which series of TVs have the best overall package in terms of screen size, resolution and Smart TV features.

The newest and most popular Samsung TVs available on the market are JS9000, JS9500, JU6700 and the JU7500. While all models are available in a range of screen sizes, it is recommended that you go with a larger screen such as the 65” when it comes to buying a TV with a curved screen. This feature, after all, is meant to enhance your viewing experience. And you can’t expect to get the full effect of this feature on a small screen.

To find out if this new feature is right for you, check out our reviews. For most models, the advantages listed include the fact that the 65″ curved screen TV allows the viewer to get fully immersed in the program they are watching. Disadvantages, such as reflection issues and problems with viewing angles are also common, yet they tend to show up more frequently in reviews for screen sizes under 65” and earlier TV models.

    UN65KS8500 Samsung KS8500
    8.9Dark Room
    9.2Average Room
    8.9Bright Room
    8.9Video Games
    9.3Daily Use
    9.0Extra Features
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    UN65KS9500 Samsung KS9500
    8.1Dark Room
    8.0Average Room
    8.7Bright Room
    8.0Video Games
    8.9Daily Use
    8.0Extra Features
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    UN65KS9800 Samsung KS9800
    9.2Dark Room
    9.1Average Room
    8.9Bright Room
    8.7Video Games
    9.3Daily Use
    9.0Extra Features
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With the exception of the JS9000 model which offers screen sizes from 48” through 65”, the Samsung curved TVs currently on the market start out at 65” for the smallest available screen size. It is the most popular size for this type of TV because it allows the viewer to get the most out of the program they are watching. While a smaller screen size may be a more affordable option, if you truly want to enjoy this awesome experience, you’re better off paying for the 65” model.

As more consumers purchase and use these uniquely-designed TVs, more reviews will be available to help make the decision of whether or not to buy a Samsung 65 curved TV for your own home theater. Aside from the impressive image quality and the assortment of innovative features available on these newer models, many people also enjoy the fact that this type of screen adds a stylish and contemporary look to their TV room that a basic flat screen does not provide.

If you are looking to change up the overall look and feel of your living room or den, the modern design of the curved screen is just another reason why you should purchase this particular model.
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