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Samsung KU7500 4K Curved TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 43″ – 65″
This TV has been discontinued and was replaced by the Samsung MU7500

This curved, Ultra High Def television has some great features packed into it. Although it doesn’t have as much technology as the SUHD series of televisions, it is still a great TV that provides exceptional value.

The 4K picture quality is exactly what I expected – awesome. Of course, 4K is four times better than Full HD, so it should be great, right? The Active Crystal Color technology Samsung uses allows for a wide range of color possibilities. Granted, it isn’t the billion colors you get with SUHD televisions, but the colors are still vibrant and crisp.

There is also an upscaling engine within the Samsung KU7500, which I’m a big fan of. Not everyone is distributing content with 4K resolution yet, so the fact this TV can take regular content and convert it to near 4K quality is a big bonus in my book.

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Two other technologies also come together to provide the great 4K picture quality. There is an Auto Depth Enhance and UHD Dimming feature that work together to ensure great clarity and contrast. They also optimize the picture, and the result are images that look very realistic and true to life.

I also think the curved screen adds to the KU7500’s appeal. First, it looks great sitting on a TV stand or hanging on a wall. Because the TV is so thin, and the bezel around the screen is so small, the TV just looks great. I also think the curved screen makes the viewing better. This is because I can watch the TV from just about any angle without losing any clarity or resolution. Thanks to this TV, there won’t be any more arguing about the best seat in my house.

The other aspect of Samsung KU7500 that I really like is the new 2016 Smart TV. Samsung did several really innovative things when they redesigned the Smart TV system. First, they made it possible to play games without the need for a gaming console. Once the TV is connected to the Internet, games can be played from the cloud, and they look great on the large screen.

The new Smart TV system also makes it very easy to connect mobile devices and stream online content. It is really easy to switch between cable to streaming video, and I really like the ability to display pictures and videos from a mobile device onto the TV.

You might find this hard to believe, but the remote is actually pretty neat, too. It’s called a Smart Remote because it can do so much. It has a touch pad, which is something I didn’t find in other televisions. This made controlling the TV and selecting different options a breeze, since I use a touchpad all the time on a laptop.

The remote also lets you control other devices. So, throw away all those other remote controls. With the Smart Remote, you can control your entire home theater system with a single device.

Lastly, it is very simple to connect mobile devices with the TV. Plus, there is an app for the TV. Once the app is on a mobile device, I could watch content from the Samsung KU7500 on the device or wirelessly project pictures and videos onto the TV. Samsung did a great job with this new Smart TV technology and it makes the TV stand out from other brands.

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You can expect great picture quality and powerful Smart TV features with the Samsung KU7500. Although not as powerful as the SUHD series, it still has a ton to offer consumers.

The 4K resolution is what you would expect from something four times better than Full HD. Plus, there is an upscaling engine that takes regular content and maximizes it to give near 4K quality. The result is a picture that looks great, no matter what the source.

The Smart TV system is new and provides really neat capabilities. You can play games without the need for a console, easily connect mobile devices and control all your home theater components with Smart Remote.

Samsung KU7500
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