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Samsung KU7000 TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 40″ – 65″
This TV has been discontinued and was replaced by the Samsung MU7000

Samsung produced another masterpiece with this slim, Ultra High Definition television. Samsung KU7000 TV looks sleek, has 4K resolution along with other picture quality technology, and an easy to use Smart TV system. All in all, there’s a lot to like and not much in the way of a negative aspect.

This slim design and very thin bezel really make this TV stand out from others. The screen is also extremely thin, so it looks great sitting on a stand or hanging on the wall. Once you see how thin it is, and how much technology is packed into it, you’ll really appreciate how good it looks.

Naturally, the most important aspect of the Samsung KU7000 is the picture quality. Well, it doesn’t get much better than 4K resolution. With pictures that look four times better than Full HD, it better be great, right?!

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There are other enhancements within the KU7000, and they all work in harmony to produce the best picture quality possible. The KU7000 is able to produce more colors thanks to Active Crystal technology, which also makes the colors look more natural and realistic.

The TV also supports the same technology used by the motion picture industry to produce films – High Dynamic Range. While it is true not everyone is producing HDR content for televisions yet, it is beginning to pick up steam. Once you see something in HDR, you will be very impressed at how bright the image is, without losing contrast or distorting any details.

Much like HDR, not everyone is producing 4K content yet, either. That isn’t a concern with this television, though. It has an upscaling and optimization engine that analyzes images in real time and converts them to near 4K quality. I can definitely tell the difference when I watch an older movie on my new TV because I can pick out details I never saw before.

I also like the dimming technology used by Samsung. It is a step up from previous models, which used Micro Dimming. The UHD Dimming in the Samsung KU7000 is more advanced and does a great job optimizing everything, from color to contrast.

The other really nice aspect of this TV, as well as others from Samsung, is the Smart TV system. Samsung calls it “simplified” because they made it easier and more intuitive to use. I have to say, they succeeded here too.

With this Smart TV system, going back and forth between live TV and online content is just like changing a channel. There aren’t a ton of menus or selections to go through just to switch between one or the other, which I really like.

The Smart TV system also allows me to play games from the cloud, without the need for a console. Once connected to the internet, there is access to certain PlayStation games as well as Game Fly content. This feature made it to where I can move my gaming console to another TV, but still play games on the big screen with awesome resolution.

The last feature of the Smart TV system is the remote control, which can control just about any device you connect to the TV or that is part of your home theater system. The remote is also very easy to use, thanks to a touchpad that works just like the touchpad on a laptop.

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The Samsung KU7000 will give you great picture quality thanks to 4K resolution, support for High Dynamic Range content, and a host of other technologies designed to optimize the picture. Older content looks great, too, thanks to an upscaling engine.

The “simplified” Smart TV system is very easy to use and offers plenty to have fun with. Play games from the cloud, without a console, access online content like social media, or display pictures from your mobile device on the big screen. This TV pretty much does it all, and looks great sitting on a TV stand or hanging on the wall.

Samsung KU7000
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