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Samsung KU6500 4K Curved TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 49″ – 65″
This TV has been discontinued and was replaced by the Samsung MU6500

This curved television from Samsung provides a ton of awesome features that set it apart from other TVs. With 4K Ultra High Def resolution, the Samsung KU6500’s curved design, very intuitive Smart TV capabilities and much more, this is a great television that immediately became the mainstay of my home theater system.

Unlike some of the other TVs from Samsung and other manufacturers, this one features a curved screen. This type of screen receives mixed reviews, but I label myself a fan. To me, the curvature of the screen make it look great and unique. Plus, I think the curved screen gives a feeling of the picture enveloping me. Another advantage of the curved screen is the viewing angle. It really doesn’t matter what angle you view the TV with this screen, it looks good no matter where you sit.

Another visual feature I like in the Samsung KU6500 is the thin bezel around the screen. It is very thin and adds to the sleek look of the television. Basically, the TV looks amazing just sitting there. Of course, none of us buy a TV to just sit there, right? Well, this TV gets even better once you turn it on.

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The picture quality is just what I expected from an Ultra High Def TV – incredible! 4K resolution has to be seen to be appreciated. Once you see it though, you will never want to settle for a lower resolution. Of course, resolution that is four times better than Full HD better be great, and it is!

Samsung also included some other technologies to make the picture quality in this TV stand out from their competitors. The KU6500 supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, which is what the major motion picture industry uses to create cinemas. They also used a depth enhancer, which results in greater detail and clarity than anything I’d seen before.

I also like their PurColor technology, which is supposed to make colors look more lifelike and realistic. They also put a lot of thought and engineering into color and contrast. Everything comes together to create pictures that look great, regardless of how bright or dark the scene might be.

One thing I worried about was that not everyone is distributing material in 4K resolution yet. This TV takes care of that too, though. The KU6500 has an upscaling engine inside it. This engine takes lower resolution content and converts it to near 4K quality. I really like this feature because my favorite TV shows and movies now come through better than ever before.

Like most new televisions, this one also has Smart TV features. However, at least one feature is something I didn’t see from other brands. Once the TV is connected to the internet, I can play certain PlayStation games from the cloud, without the need for a gaming console.

Other than the gaming feature, this TV has what you would expect from a Smart TV. There is access to streaming video from all the popular services and apps from Samsung. Mobile devices are very easy to connect to the TV, which gives the ability to display pictures and other digital content onto the big screen.

If you are into home automation, you can connect certain devices up to the television and let it act as your smart home hub. This is another really neat feature, since you can now control all your home entertainment devices, and smart home devices, with the TV remote.

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If you want 4K resolution, advanced technology that enhances the picture quality and some innovative Smart TV features – the Samsung KU6500 might just be for you. But, make sure you are okay with the curved design. Samsung offers flat panel 4K televisions too, but if you are like me and like curved screens, you’ll like the KU6500.

The TV has several features designed to optimize picture quality, such as an upscaling engine to enhance normal content into near 4K quality. There are other technologies as well, and all of them come together to create pictures that look better than most other TVs.

Finally, the Smart TV features are also nice, particularly the ability to play games without a console and connect smart home devices to the TV so it can be the hub of your entire house.

Samsung KU6500
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  1. What if you are sitting on the side

  2. I am comfusing what to buy between KU 6300 and KU 6500 curved. The Tv is ment for Gaming with Playstation 4 pro which supports 4k and HDR gaming. They are incredible that is why I am hesitating to chose between those 6300 and 6500. I am just a normal Teenager with average income and I have to buy it by my own.
    Please advise me, the Aim for buying is HDR gaming.

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