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Samsung KU6300 4K TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 40″ – 70″
This TV has been discontinued and was replaced by the Samsung MU6300

This flat panel Ultra High Definition television is among the best I’ve seen. The Samsung KU6300 picture quality is well above average and the Smart TV features are innovative and unique. This line doesn’t have a curved screen, but if that’s what you want Samsung does have curved UHD televisions. I prefer the flat panel look, though, which is one of the reasons I picked this one over other Samsung options.

I mentioned the picture quality, which is the main reason to buy a TV, right? Well, this one had just what I was looking for, and more. The 4K resolution is what I expected from something that is four times better than Full HD. In other words, it is awesome!

The TV also supports High Dynamic Range content. HDR is what the film industry uses to create cinema features and it is starting to become more common in televisions. This is because HDR provides clearer pictures and greater detail. Although not everything is getting released with HDR content, it is a bonus to have a TV that supports it as more and more vendors start to get on board with the technology.

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Speaking of technology, Samsung packed a bunch of it in the KU6300, with the sole purpose of optimizing the picture. Some of the technology is designed to provide a more vibrant picture that is more realistic and true to life. The end result are brilliant colors and great depth and detail, regardless of how bright or dark a scene might be.

I also like that this TV, as well as others from Samsung, include an upscaling engine. Much like HDR, not everyone is producing 4K content yet. This TV takes care of that by taking non-4K content and optimizing it and upgrading it to produce near 4K quality. I love this because my regular cable and DVDs become almost as good as 4K quality, and the TV is doing all the work without the need to buy any additional hardware or devices.

The other main feature of the KU6300 is the Smart TV system. This system is basically the same as other Samsung UHD televisions, with access to online content like streaming media, web sites, social media, and more.

Samsung does feature a couple unique capabilities with their Smart TV system. First, the system lets you play games without a gaming console. Keep in mind, you don’t have access to every game ever made, but there are plenty to choose from.

The Samsung KU6300 also let me hook up some of my home automation devices, like house lights and my thermostat, right to the television. One those devices were connected, I could control them from the TV. This basically turns the TV into a smart home hub, letting you control everything from the temperature to the front door lock.

Keep in mind, all of these Smart TV features can be accessed with the television’s remote control. I also like the touchpad on the remote, which works just like the touchpad on my laptop. It’s very easy to use since it’s similar to something I use regularly.

The last thing I like about the TV is how easy it is to connect my phone and other mobile devices. Once connected, I am able to use a Samsung app to display content from my phone or tablet right onto the TV. I can also watch TV content on any of my mobile devices, as long as they are connected to the TV and on the same network.

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With the KU6300, you can expect to get incredible picture quality and some unique Smart TV features, all in a sleek, flat panel design.

The 4K picture quality is great, which it should be since it is four times better than Full HD. There are other technologies at well, all designed to optimize the picture quality and make the images more realistic and vivid. I also like the upscaling engine, which takes normal television content and optimizes them to near 4K quality.

The Smart TV system is another advantage of this Samsung KU6300. It lets you browse the web, stream online videos, and connect mobile devices. Unlike other brands, Samsung also includes a couple unique technologies, like the ability to play games without a console and the ability to connect smart home devices to the TV and let it act as a hub. This TV provides great quality and value, and should be near to the top of anyone’s wish list.

Samsung KU6300
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