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Samsung KS9800 Curved TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 65″ – 88″

After seeing this TV in person, I can completely understand why Samsung calls it the “flagship” of the Ultra High Definition line. In fact, the Samsung KS9800 is actually a SUPER Ultra High Definition television because it meets or exceeds industry standards for performance and resolution. This TV features quantum dot color technology, an advanced upscaling engine and more. Throw in a powerful Smart TV system that is easier to use than previous generations, and you get a TV that I know will be coveted by a lot of people.

To be completely transparent, SUHD is not a new technology. It is, in fact, 4K resolution. What sets SUHD apart from others, though, are the additional technologies used by Samsung to take 4K to the next level. Sure, resolution four times better than Full HD is great, but why not make it better, right?

It starts with the use of quantum dot technology, which allows for a billion different color combinations. You read that correctly – one billion! The Samsung KS9800 also supports High Dynamic Range, or HDR, content. HDR is used by the film industry when they make motion pictures. Samsung even upped their game by improving on the HDR from their other series of televisions, so I can see the smallest details in very bright and super dark scenes.

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Other features that set this TV apart from its competitors are the backlighting and upscaling engine. The KS9800 somehow provides the perfect amount of backlight to each part of the screen, which makes everything look more vibrant and lifelike. The upscaling engine is also improved from other series of televisions. It takes non SUHD content and uses powerful computing to convert everything for optimal viewing.

I wasn’t sure how my favorite action movies would look on such a big screen, but I quickly realized I didn’t have to worry. The KS9800’s resolution doesn’t change a bit when watching fast action scenes or sports. I have yet to notice a flicker or the slightest blur, so whatever Samsung is doing with refresh rates and processing speeds is clearly working.

I guess now is a good spot to point out something else that is unique from some other Samsung TVs, and that is this TV has a curved screen. Don’t stop reading just because of that, though! I know there are plenty of curved screen haters out there, but this just might be the TV to bring them over. This TV has a way of pulling me into the picture and giving me the feeling of being surrounded by it. Plus, there is no such thing as a bad viewing angle. It doesn’t matter where you sit, it looks great.

Hopefully you can tell how much I like the picture quality. The viewing experience is truly awesome. Of course, this TV has much more to offer, like the Smart TV system.

The Smart TV features are what you will find in other Samsung televisions. They did update the system for new generation TVs to make it easier to use and put everything in one place. I have found that switching between online content and live TV is very easy. In fact, it’s basically just like changing the channel. I can also play games from the cloud, without the need for a console. It was very easy to connect mobile devices and display their content on the big screen and I love how I can stream videos and movies from my favorite providers. Yes, this TV is definitely the flagship of Samsung’s line!

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If you want a top of the line television, the KS9800 might just be for you. The curved screen makes for great viewing, regardless of where you sit. Quantum dot technology, impressive backlighting, and an advanced upscaling are just a few of the features that set this TV apart from others.

You also get an impressive Smart TV experience, which lets you play games from the cloud and without the need for a console. You can also easily sync mobile devices with the Samsung KS9800, control all your home theater systems with the innovative remote, and stream online content as easily as changing the channel.

Samsung KS9800
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  1. i thought the 9800 series had a 240 instead of a 120 i am not sure what that stands for

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