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Samsung KS9500 4K Curved Smart TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 55″ – 78″

Get ready to be blown away the first time you will see a TV from the KS9500 series. It is available in different large screen sizes, is curved and is full of new innovations and technology designed to produce the most vivid and clear pictures ever seen on a television screen.

One of the coolest additions in these TVs is how it can integrate with other home automation products to become the hub of your house. You can control everything from lights to security cameras, right from your television. Welcome to a world where the TV truly is the center of your house!

Of course, the most important feature of a television is the picture quality, and you will be hard pressed to find one better than the Samsung KS9500. One way the picture stands out over other TVs is their adaptation of how moth’s see. That’s right, moths! Samsung found a way to make the TV absorb light the same way a moth’s eye lets it see so well at night. The result – less light reflection, less glare and pictures that are just awesome.

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The Samsung KS9500 is also bezel free, which makes the images fill up the entire screen. There is a frame around the TV, but it is so thin you will soon find you don’t even notice it. Add in the fact the screen is curved, and watching this TV gives you the impression the images are wrapping around you. It isn’t 3D but it is very similar to what you would experience watching a movie at the theater.

The TV is 4K and uses a technology called “quantum dot” to make sure pictures are crystal clear and vivid. “Quantum dot” is a technology seen in very few televisions and it allows the TV to display every color imaginable, with vivid clarity and detail. No matter where you are sitting in a room, the picture will look great!

The TV also has Smart capabilities, so once you connect it to your home Wi-Fi you will be able to do much more than just watch TV. Interact with social media, go shopping, browse the web and stream content from your favorite media providers – all in stunning detail.

Samsung also added Smart functionality into the TV’s remote control. The TV will automatically recognize other home theater devices and let you control them with the TV’s remote. This even includes game consoles, so you will be able to play many of your favorite games without the need for a console. Sony also integrates their PlayStation Now service with the KS9500 line, so be prepared to spend even more time enjoying this awesome TV!

The UN55KS9500 and and UN65KS9500 are the most popular TVs in this series. UN55KS9500 is perfect for gaming and will not cost you so much as 65″ KS9500 model.

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If you want incredible screen resolution, vivid colors and amazing detail – the Samsung KS9500 should be right up your alley. Samsung made sure this TV does what all TVs should do, which is provide exceptional picture quality.

Then they went to the next level by enabling you to hook up other home automation devices, like lights and cameras, right to the TV. It also automatically detects other home theater devices, including game consoles, and allows you to control them with the TV’s remote.

This TV is sure to be the centerpiece of your home theater system and will let you watch your favorite shows and movies and see them like never before.

Samsung KS9500
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