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Samsung KS9000 4K SUHD TV
UN55KS9000, UN65KS9000, UN75KS9000

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 55″ – 75″
This TV has been discontinued and was replaced by the Samsung MU9000

I am a huge fan of Samsung televisions and what they are doing with their 4K TVs, which is nothing short of awesome. I was interested in the Samsung KS9000 from reviews I have read, and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have this TV! Now that it is front and center in my living room, I could not be happier with the decision to buy it.

First of all, the picture quality is downright incredible. Samsung uses Quantum Dot technology with the 4K resolution, and the result is a picture quality I have not seen with any other TV. Samsung says that KS9000 can display up to a billion different color combinations, and after seeing it up close and personal, I believe them.

Another really nice feature I like is the way the TV takes content that isn’t 4K quality and converts it to Super Ultra High Def. Not all movies and television content have 4K resolution yet, so the fact the TV can take a “regular” picture and upscale it to near 4K quality is great.

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I‘m also a bit of an action movie junkie and I’ve watched plenty of films on other TVs where the image would get blurry or would flicker during fast moving scenes. That is certainly not the case with this TV. Thanks to something Samsung calls Supreme Motion Rate 240, the resolution during fast moving scenes does not change a bit. The Samsung KS9000 does this with a great refresh rate, super-fast processing speed and new backlight technology. This also makes fast moving sports look great, so if you are a sports fan, you will love watching your favorite team on this TV.

The KS9000 gets even better when you connect it to the internet via a Wi-Fi network. I can access a ton of online content, including social media, shopping and browsing the web. It is also really easy to stream video from sites like Amazon or Netflix.

The TV can also act as a hub for other devices, like home automation. I was able to connect some lights and my thermostat to the TV, which meant I was now controlling my home automation devices from my living room couch.

Another thing I could do after connecting my Samsung KS9000 (UN65KS9000) to the internet was play games – without a gaming console. I could access games from the Cloud and play them on the TV, which meant the graphics looked better than I had ever seen before.

It is also worth pointing out, I all of the online and networking features can be controlled from the remote. Online content, home automation stuff and games could be controlled using the remote just like a mouse. I was also able to download an app for the TV, called Smart View App, that let me connect my mobile device and display content like pictures and videos right on the TV.

Last but not least, this TV looks great from a visual perspective. The bezel around the TV is so small, I don’t even notice it is there. Since the TV is curved, there isn’t a viewing angle that doesn’t look great. With this TV, every seat becomes the best seat in the house!

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With superb picture quality and impressive Smart TV capabilities, the Samsung KS9000 is an award winning Ultra High Def TV in my book!

The KS9000 displays incredibly bright colors and detailed dark scenes, all at the same time. It also gives the ability to access online content and play games without a gaming console.

I was able to connect other devices to the TV, so it is now the hub of my home automation system.

Every viewing angle looks great and the thin, sleek design – and almost invisible bezel – come together to create a TV that you will want in your living room.

Samsung KS9000
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