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Samsung KS8500 4K Curved TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 49″ – 65″
This TV has been discontinued and was replaced by the Samsung MU8500

I realize not everyone is a fan of curved televisions, but after you see the Samsung KS8500 in action, you will realize like I did, this TV rocks.

The reason I like curved TVs, and this one in particular, is because the screen looks great from any angle. I have sat all over my living room to test the image quality from different angles and they all look great.

Speaking of looking great, the TV is also very visually appealing. It is very sleek and thin and looks great on a TV stand. I also really like the ultra-thin bezel. It is so small it basically fades away when watching TV and I don’t even notice it is there. It gives the impression the picture never ends and is something you have to see to appreciate.

Of course, I didn’t want this TV just because it looked good. The most important feature of any TV is the picture quality.

8.9Dark Room
9.2Average Room
8.9Bright Room
8.9Video Games
9.3Daily Use
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With manufacturers going to the next level with picture quality, Samsung is absolutely leading the charge with this Ultra High Def TV with 4K resolution. You’ve probably heard of 4K before, but just in case you haven’t, 4K resolution is four times better than Full HD. Full HD is awesome to begin with, but this TV makes it four times better!

Part of the incredible picture quality is due to Samsung’s use of Quantum Dot technology. With Quantum Dot, Samsung is able to produce a billion color combinations on the KS8500. Every scene looks very lifelike and bright, even dark shades.

The capabilities of the TV’s picture quality really come through in scenes with sunlight and dark shades. The TV uses High Dynamic Range technology, which is what the film industry uses for motion pictures, to create the perfect balance between bright colors and darker shades. Even dark scenes look great and allow you to see details never seen before.

Although not everyone is distributing 4K content yet, this TV is able to produce stunning pictures regardless of the format. This is because of Samsung’s unique upscaling engine. The picture engine is able to analyze the video coming into the UN65KS8500 and optimize it to near-4K quality. It doesn’t matter if you are watching TV, a DVD or steaming video – it will look great on this television.

The Samsung KS8500 does a lot more than show great images, though. The Smart TV features are also very impressive. I can control the TV with voice commands through the remote. The remote also lets me control every device connected to the TV, including home automation devices like lights and the thermostat.

I also like the kick back and relieve some stress by playing games every once in a while, which is super easy on this TV. I can wind down with PlayStation games from the cloud and don’t even need a game console.

It is also very easy to wirelessly connect mobile devices to the TV to show pictures and videos. There is even a free app that lets me watch TV content on a mobile device or stream content from my mobile device directly onto the TV.

The audio is great thanks to 40 watts of power and an awesome speaker system. The TV supports Bluetooth headsets, has 4 HDMI inputs and can be mounted on the wall to look like a piece of art. Basically, this TV has it all!

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With the Samsung KS8500 you can expect to get superior picture quality, solid audio, and great Smart TV capabilities.

The picture quality is courtesy of 4K resolution and Quantum Dot technology, giving the ability to produce a billion different color combinations while maintaining a perfect contrast balance between light and dark scenes.

The audio is produced by 40 watts of power and a superior speaker system. Smart TV features include playing games without a gaming console, connecting mobile devices to the TV and use voice commands to control the television.

The curved design looks great and results in a great viewing experience no matter where you sit. All in all, this is a great TV that has picture quality and other features you won’t find from another manufacturer.

Samsung KS8500
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  1. I was told this tv and the ks850d was the exact same specs.and all but the ratings are not same

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