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Samsung K6250 Curved Smart 1080p TV

Type: LED Resolution: 1080p Refresh Rate: 60 Hz Screen Size: 40″ – 55″

Samsung K6250 is one of the latest series offered by Samsung with a curved screen. Samsung K6250 is known for its sleek design and the full metal finish. The prominent aspects offered by the curved TV include its efficient design and the smart features. A four-leg stand with a brush metallic finish is provided with the 1080p LED screen to provide support along with the plastic back with a smooth surface. The picture quality of the TV is average having a good contrast but lack of efficient brightness. The models available in K6250 series are UN40K6250, UN49K6250, and UN55K6250.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. The picture quality of the LED is average, which also attracts fingerprints and dust very easily.
  2. The motion handling provided by the TV is very disappointing with an above average input lag.
  1. The smart features offered by the LED are exceptional.
  2. The presence of the micro dimming pro features creates an efficient contrast to enhance the picture quality.
  3. Quad core processor makes internet usage and browsing efficient.

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Samsung K6250 series is best for playing games due to the presence of high contrast for the dark scenes. These LEDs are also good for watching sports and other TV shows. It is because of the presence of curved screen that provides a new watching experience for the users.


The sleek design and the metallic finish give a magnificent look to the K6250 LEDs. The metallic finish on the 0.71” borders gives a final touch to the overall beauty of the TV, making it the first choice of the consumers. The thickness of the LED is 3.03”, which has a support of the four-legged stand. Moreover, its curved design gives it an elegant and sophisticated look. The dimensions of the screen vary from 40” to 55”, providing the choice for the users to buy the one suiting the requirement of their room.

Picture Quality

The picture quality of K6250 is found to be average with the exceptional results in some of the features. The contrast offered by K6250 TVs is very good, a clear distinction between the brightness can be observed in dark and bright pictures. Similarly, the uniformity in the color is good. However, clouding has been observed but is not much noticeable. The LED lacks local dimming function, which demonstrates that the backlights cannot be adjusted according to the preference of the viewer. The viewing angle for K6250 is better than most of the curved TVs available in the market, however, it still loses the saturation of colors when viewed at a certain angle. Motion blur is not effectively handled by K6250 and can be observed while watching movies etc.

Sound Quality

A below average sound quality is offered by K6250. The sound quality of TV in the normal volume is acceptable but at maximum volume, distortion and pumping in sound are evident, impacting the sound quality of the LED negatively.

Main overview

If you decided to purchase Samsung UN40K6250 for your home – you’ll be so impressed with the curved shape of the LED and we bet you’ll decide to make each weekend as the movie weekend. The quality of picture at night in the dark room was totally phenomenal and we could identify each and every detail very easily. The sound quality, however, was distorted when the volume is increased beyond a certain level, creating a bit of the disturbance and unease in watching the movie. For the selection of movies, we recommend switching to Netflix, the supported smart application of the TV. Although it takes a few seconds to load, but when it is loaded, you’ll get to search the latest movies available very easily. Apart from movie search, the applications in the app store are worth exploring.

Even at the daytime, Samsung K6250 TV set is generally on with different programs going on all the time. The quality of the picture of the TV programs was also found to be exceptional and you’ll be able to enjoy every bit of the shows. The inputs are present at the side of the LED, this characteristic of UN40K6250 will help you in mounting K6250 on the wall in case of the lesser room space available. However, you’ll have to make it sure that you sit in front of the TV to enjoy all its features and perfect resolution. Otherwise, the colors and the picture are blurred to some extent, making the entire experience of movie watching as chaotic and non-interesting.

Moreover, the remote of the UN40K6250 is very simple and easy to operate. You’ll be able to change channels and volume even when the lights are switched off. Overall, UN40K6250 is worth your money.

Samsung K6250 Smart Features

K6250 has the Tizen operating system installed in it. The operating system is efficient and works well, however, a few seconds are required for loading and making it ready to be used. Some of the applications available in UN40K6250 are the Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, along with the option to access the other applications in the Store.

The remote of the LED is very simple with a presence of only a few buttons that can control all the functions. The controls of the LED are present in the lower right corner, making it easy to switch channels and operate even when mounted on the wall.

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Samsung K6250 LEDs are one of the best LEDs available with a reputed brand name. The excellent picture quality and the efficient smart features make it the best choice for the customers who are looking for a TV to watch TV programs and use the internet on the TV. There are certain loopholes in the LED as well but the curved style of the LED mesmerizes its users with an immense picture quality and makes them buy it.

Impressed by the wonderful design and the exceptional picture quality of K6250? The wonderful curved LED with 1080p resolution is available in 3 different sizes i.e. 40”, 49” and 55”. To make it yours, order now.

Samsung K6250
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