Samsung JS8500 Smart SUHD 3D LED TV

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Samsung JS8500 LED TV Review

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: Screen Size: 48″ – 65″

In this new series Samsung has put all its effort into spicing up the plain watching. It has introduced a new color scheme which is capable of disbursing colors at various angles, thus forming a wider gamut or spectrum.

This has improved the color scheme a lot as all of the dullness has faded away. Along with this, it has worked on its backlight features by making it brighter and deeper so as to improve the foreground picture.

As this is the SUHD series of Samsung where ‘S’ denotes ‘Super,’ it has unpacked a lot of surprises for its viewers. Introducing the Tizen Operating system in this series is one such commendable contribution of this brand.

This operating system has worked towards increasing the speed of the operations of television and making it more responsive, thus decreasing the response time.

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8.0Average Room
8.7Bright Room
8.0Video Games
8.4Daily Use
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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. This model has a low clear motion rate and edge-lit LEDs. These two things work against the contrast. While micro dimming is little better than edge dimming, it still works to scale up the low resolution. An avoidable limitation is that it does not come with a web cam.
  1. The quantum dot technology is used in this version of Samsung. This technology leads to better diffusion of colors and thus improve the viewing experience by producing cleaner, clearer and more defined representation.

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The smart menu systems are easy to operate as the remote control has a touchpad and is light enough to handle comfortably. Samsung has done a clear justice to the price of the JS8500 by providing excellent features. With the Samsung JS5800 it has now become possible to play console-free games as its ability to work with Play Station Now has been improved substantially, which was not possible in the earlier versions.

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So, this Super model of Samsung is quite promising in terms of its picture quality. It is expected to achieve an output which is much higher than the standard LCD LEDs. It has gotten 4K streams from the major players in the market i.e., Netflix and Amazon and provides connectivity through HDMI and HDCP ports. This is the only flat TV in the series and beats the other curved screens. It is a 3D television which comes with a pair of 3D glasses. So, now go on and enjoy your favorite movies at home with its superb picture quality.

Samsung Js8500
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