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LG UJ7700 4k UHD TV Review – 2017

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 49″ – 65″

The LG UJ7700 TV is mid-range TV with superb 4K Smart TV interface and voice-activated remote control. Consumers can choose between four TV screens, including sixty and sixty-five inch “4K” screens of amazing prices. The amazing prices of the LG UJ7700 TVs is due in part to a LG color manufacturing process known as RGBW color processing which adds a white light to R-ed, G-reen, and B-lue color pixels lowering cost, as well as number of color pixels in a “4K” TV. This review will examine the value of this TV in overall ‘big picture’ TV viewing experience.

The LG UJ7700 TV is by far best for motion control, low input lag time and superb internet navigation for the price tag. With these ‘bests’ part of the package of Smart TV internet connectivity, sports fans, movie buffs, and folks passionate for video game playing will be well pleased.

In order to satisfy the ‘thirst’ for 4K Smart TV at good mid-price range as found in the LG UJ7700 Smart TV I recommend either the fifty-five or sixty-inch screens. The larger sixty-five inch screen seems a bit costly in light of the sub-pixel RGBW structure and average contrast ratio.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Contrast ratio is below average.
  2. 4K screen resolution not as sharp due to RGBW pixel structure.
  1. Sound volume frequency is quite good at average decibel range.
  2. Frames per second response (refresh rate) good providing little blur of fast moving images.
  3. Excellent low input lag time, making competitive gaming a dream.

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The overall design quality of the 2017 LG UJ7700 4K TVs in series improved upon the 2016 LG UH7700 models. Both models still a silver color plastic finish for frame and TV stand while the 2017 UJ7700 has some silver accent on the thin plastic border to add a touch of elegance. The 2016 UH7700 had a more stylish but smaller stand. LG extended width of the 2017 UJ7700 stand to width of screen for added stability. Input ports on back might hinder access if TV were wall mounted. Border is thin enough for optimum view of screen.

LG UJ7700 Picture Quality

The contrast ratio, which makes for sharp picture clarity, is as ‘basic’ as the overall ‘basic’ physical look of the LG UJ7700 TVs. The local dimming is not best and disabling the feature will bring a decent enough black tone uniformity. Color contrast is aided by viewing TV in room settings of average light. Screen does not get very bright so very bright or very dark room settings not recommended. HDR color brightness is decent, but fades when viewed at even minor angle. There is good news in the wide color gamut and color gradients of a color look good as well as a fast motion response rate that leaves little motion blurring. Up scaling of lower resolution content also good.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is enhanced by LG ‘magic remote’ room calibration feature with microphone on the remote. When volume frequency is at average decibel range sound is average – and that’s good! Harmony of tone average but as always can be improved upon with the purchase of an external sound bar.

LG UJ7700

Que sera, sera, is how I would sum up the viewing of content on the LG 4K UJ7700 TVs. Que sera sera was a song introduced in the popular Alfred Hitchcock film of 1956 ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much.’ Que sera, sera is translated: What will be, will be. I use this term for the UJ7700 TVs in series by LG, innovator of the costlier OLED TVs, to let all who are looking at this 4K Smart TV know that one should not expect the quality of view that premium TVs offer but what will be, will be with regards GREAT price! This is a mid-range average TV, and THANK GOODNESS for such! Average can be good! Average provides ‘just enough’ technology to enjoy the experience of internet connectivity to constant streaming content of commercial free entertainment.

The fast action of sports can be enjoyed on big screen just as well as those of greater wealth (or bigger credit card bills) because LG UJ7700 superior technology builds native 60 Hz processing speed to 120 Hz speed making motion blur minimal. For competitive gamers the input lag time is low and makes playing video games a p-uurrr-fect dream come true. All common input signals are supported with the HDR 10 as well as Dolby Vision color. There are four HDMI ports and two USB ports to plug in quite a few external audio and visual devices. It is GOOD TV, and a SMART purchase for those on a budget!

Smart Features

LG webOS 3.5 is an easy Smart TV platform enabling viewers to go ‘beyond’ standard TV fare, which is becoming more and more ‘just fair’ entertainment, to being in control of a ‘stream’ of TV content! The UH 7700 TVs come pre-loaded with popular apps such as YouTube, Amazon Video, and Netflix. With Netflix, for example, viewers have access to a streaming content service that provides award-winning TV shows, movies, and documentaries, without commercials! LG also offers access to the LG content store where the TV viewer will find a wide range of apps to download if they should be ‘bored’ with the already pre-loaded popular apps. The LG Smart Remote, called the Magic Remote, enables users to select content by pointing remote at screen as cursor follows remote’s movement, to activate search or change settings by voice command, and there is a scroll wheel on remote to scroll to options.

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The LG UJ7700 TV may be just the ‘ticket’ to enjoying big screen sports, video gaming, and home cinema while not ‘busting’ the household budget. Be aware that LG RGBW pixel arrangement of the UJ7700, the addition of white light placed within the rows of Red, Blue, and Green color pixels, mutes authenticity of the 4K clarity a bit — but that is balanced out with a large screen with moderate prices, smooth motion, and low input lag time.

LG UJ7700
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