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LG UJ6300 4k TV Review

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 43″ – 65″

What if I were to tell you that you could get a wide, flat panel 43, 49, 55, or 65-inch TV screen sporting 120 Hz imaging processing and the latest 4K Smart TV by one of the leading TV manufacturers of Smart TV with price workable to any average household budget? LG, better known for their innovative OLED TV technology, has indeed brought 4K Smart TV to a broader consumer market with the 4K LED Smart TV model UJ6300! Our review aims to take close look as to whether there is value in the budget friendly LG UJ6300 television models.

The LG UJ6300 TVs are ideal for all video game enthusiasts due to very low input lag time of image transition to screen and for sports fans looking for smooth delivery of the baseball, football, basketball games to wide screen due to frame per second refresh rate producing very little motion blur.

With the LG UJ6300 4K TV models, consumers do not need to wait to experience the luxury of abundant content with quality up scaling of lower resolution content, Smart TV connection to popular internet apps, quality gaming experience, and smooth motion in sports action while budgeting for premium TV options.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. A very average contrast ratio of light and dark images.
  2. Average HDR (high dynamic range) color brightness.
  1. Motion control excellent, little motion blur.
  2. Low input lag time making TV good for video gaming.
  3. Easy to navigate Smart TV with ability to cast content to screen from tablet or smart phone.

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Plain and simple. Just a standard thick plastic TV body would best sum up the physical appearance of the 2017 LG UJ6300 TVs in a series. Nothing to write home about. It is as simple as the 2017 UJ7700 OR 2016 UH7700. The legs of the UJ6300 are sturdy. The back of the set is quite thick, so if considering wall mounting, and certainly that is possible, don’t expect it to be flush to wall. The border surrounding the screen is thick but has a stylistic tapering that makes it look good. Semi-gloss screen handles normal light reflection well.

LG UJ6300 Picture Quality

The picture quality of the LG UJ6300 4K TV is just ‘slightly’ better than the UJ7700. Unfortunately, color contrast and SDR (standard range) screen brightness is very average. This is due in some part to LGs use of a process to bring 4K-screen resolution down a bit in sharpness by adding white light to the RGB color pixels. In this new manufacturing process the cost to creating a 4K color Smart TV comes down, and is good for the consumer’s wallet but the ‘cost’ of a modified 4K screen resolution decreases that sharpness of true 4K clarity. Response rate of frames per second is good and blurring minimal and input lag time low and up scaling lower res images good.

Sound Quality

Sound volume and harmony is poor in the LG UJ6300 TVs. If it gives any solace, higher end premium TV models are not spared the sound difficulty. It is the nature of the ‘beast’ and the ‘beast’ can be soothed with the purchase of a sound bar or external speakers.

LG UJ6300 Review

When buying a TV what you really want is not always what the sales rep of a store pushes you to buy. When you get your TV home you haven’t a clue what some of the tech features do. (you hope no one asks you to pronounce some of those features or spell the feature technology that is bundled with costly high end premium TVs) LG understood that many folk just want a SIMPLE, basic TV to enjoy a few hours of entertainment before bedtime to rest and go back to the job where the dollars don’t come easily.

Be assured, there is no pretense with the UJ6300. It is simple and down-to-earth and it works — just like you! Well now, I can see a smile coming to your face. You can better understand your new ‘friend’ to be in the LG UJ6300. Simple, basic and sturdy! There to make you happy as you make others happy. Fills the need for quality time with kids in video gaming together, having the gang in to watch the local sporting events on BIG screen giving them refreshments too! The sports action is smooth with 60 Hz processor speed.

Ok, so what makes this UJ6300 TV good? Good processor speed making for little motion blur, easy to navigate LG webOS 3.5 Smart TV with simple remote to view Amazon Video, Netflix, and You Tube, low input lag time for decent gaming, and BIG screen to enjoy any type program with friends. Enjoy the UJ6300!

Smart Features

There is a pattern to the thinking of the UJ6300 and that is simplicity. Henry David Thoreau, American philosopher, and poet is quoted as saying: “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! . . . “keep your business affairs to be as two or three, not a hundred or thousand.” … “keep your accounts on your thumbnail.” Mr. Thoreau would have liked the simple UJ6300 TVs in a series by LG. The webOS 3.5 is simple and easy. Popular apps of Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video come pre-loaded for enjoyable commercial free entertainment on big screen with more apps to access via the LG content store, if one wishes. The remote control is simple and basic. No voice control as is the UJ7700. The buttons are big (and easy to read) and performs necessary functions well. Smart TV with ‘just enough’ tech features to enjoy a steady stream of commercial free entertainment and sports action.

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To conclude this review we point to those who have bought the UJ6300 TVs. The yay’s do outweigh the nays. If not tech savvy and not a connoisseur of color then you probably will love the smooth motion control, the bright HDR color, the low input lag for gaming, and the streaming content of movies from the LG webOS 3.5 Smart TV. If TV viewing is one small part of ‘the whole’ of your life there is value to price!

LG UJ6300
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