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Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 65″ – 86″

LG continues to make impressive televisions, and the LG UH9500 is certainly part of that tradition. Although it doesn’t boast the picture quality of LG’s OLED line of televisions, it does produce Ultra HD pictures, which are still exceptional.

Not only does the LG UH9500 support Ultra HD resolution, which has over eight million pixels, but it also supports High Dynamic Range, or HDR. By supporting HDR, the TV allows for a wider range of colors than is possible in TVs without HDR capability. It also provides pictures that are more life-like and comparable to what you would see in real life, from colors in direct sunlight to colors in the shade.

Of course, if the TV isn’t receiving a HDR signal, you wouldn’t expect to get HDR picture quality, right? Not so with this television! That’s because LG included a new technology that takes non-HDR images and “upscales” them into HDR-like quality. Basically, you are getting the best picture quality possible anytime you watch this TV.

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You might be worried about getting overwhelmed with all the colors or that the screen would be too bright. Once again, you don’t have to worry about that with this TV. LG also included technologies called True Black Panel and Contrast Optimizer to keep dark scenes from being too dark, which helps keep the details in these scenes very sharp and crisp.

Another thing to like about this Ultra HD television is the Smart TV capabilities. LG recently rolled out a new Smart TV system, which they dubbed webOS 3.0. The new interface is designed to be much more user friendly and intuitive, and I have to say they definitely succeeded in this area.

It is very easy to connect a mobile device, like a phone or tablet, and display pictures or videos on the television. Once connected to a Wi-Fi network, the TV has even more capabilities.

LG UH9500 allows you to stream videos from popular sites like YouTube or Netflix. You also get the ability to browse the web, shop and check out your favorite social media content.

One neat feature I haven’t seen in other televisions is the ability to enlarge and part of a picture on the TV. This is lots of fun when showing pictures from a phone or tablet, or if you just want to pause something and zoom in to really see the detail of a picture.

Something else that jumped out at me as soon as I saw this TV is how thin it is. In fact, it is less than 7 millimeters “thick”. The trim around the screen is also very thin and is barely recognizable. You probably won’t even notice it is there once you start watching your favorite show or movie.

The sound system is designed by Harmon Kardon, so I expected the sound to be great. It is great, but it isn’t as powerful as other LG televisions that boast 80 watts of power and higher speaker channels. You do get the expected support for high end sound, though, including Dolby Digital, DTS and virtual surround sound.

Although LG UH9500 doesn’t quite live up to the resolution of LG’s OLED line, it is still impressive thanks to Ultra HD resolution and support for HDR. With the addition of a revamped Smart TV system and solid sound, this TV will find a spot in many homes.

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With the LG UH9500 as part of your home theater setup, you can expect great picture quality and a host of nice features. About the only things you won’t get are 3D and a top-of-the-line speaker system.

Picture quality is what you would hope, with 4K resolution and support for High Dynamic Range (HDR). Colors are vivid and bright, but not too bright as to be distracting. Dark scenes are equally impressive, thanks to new contrast technology from LG.

All in all, this is a very nice TV that looks great thanks to its sleek, thin design and puts out better than average picture quality.

LG UH9500
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  1. I thought the UH9500 had 3D? Am I wrong?

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