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LG UH8500 4K Smart TV

Type: LED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 240 Hz Screen Size: 55″ – 75″

LG’s line of Super UHD 4K televisions was a big hit at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, and the LG UH8500 is a big reason why. Once I saw this TV in action, I knew it would be very popular, and with good reason.

It’s quickly obvious that LG didn’t settle for plain old Ultra High Definition with this television. Instead, they chose to incorporate several other technologies to take the picture quality to a whole new level. This is what sets LG’s Ultra HD televisions apart from other manufacturers.

One of the first things I noticed was the rich colors, great – but not overpowering – brightness, and how smooth the picture is.

The colors are very impressive. What was even better, was that the colors didn’t lose any clarity when I moved to a different viewing angle. In fact, I couldn’t find a “bad” viewing angle no matter where I sat.

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The support for High Dynamic Range, or HDR, also contributes to the top notch picture quality. Colors are very realistic and life-like, even scenes similar to what you would find in direct sunlight. LG didn’t just settle for great bright scenes, though. Even dark scenes look good. You can easily pick out details from dark scenes, just like you can from bright ones.

I also like LG’s TruMotion technology, which is something I didn’t find in other TVs I looked at. The TruMotion innovation makes fast moving scenes, like you would find in action movies or sports, look clear as a still picture. Gone are the days of a blurry picture just because you are watching a scene in your favorite action movie. Instead, everything is smooth and the blurriness is greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

Yet another nice feature of the UH8500 is the updated Smart TV system, which LG named webOS 3.0. It is very easy to connect mobile devices to the TV, which makes showing pictures and videos to family and friends a breeze.

The LG UH8500 also has voice recognition software, which is used with the included “magic remote”. Just speak certain commands into the remote, like changing the channel or volume, and the TV will respond accordingly.

You also get the usual Smart TV capabilities, like streaming videos, browsing the web and checking out social media web sites.

If you like action movies, like me, you will also like the LG UH8500 passive 3D capabilities. There’s something about watching a movie and instinctively dodging as scenes literally fly out at you. If you like saving money, you will definitely be pleased that LG includes two pairs of 3D glasses. Thanks to LG, you don’t have to worry about immediately running out for 3D glasses, you can start enjoying your favorite 3D content as soon as you unpack the TV.

The sound system is not as powerful as some other LG televisions, but it is better than most. It is designed by Harmon Kardon and pumps out 60 watts of power, which is 20 watts more than most televisions. The biggest disappoint is the speaker system is only 2.2 channels, but you do get support for Dolby Digital, DTS and a surround sound mode.

With innovative and new technologies designed to make Ultra High Definition better than its competitors, and some great 3D and Smart TV features, the LG UH8500 is a great TV that will grace many households around the world.

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If you take the LG UH8500 home and set it up, you will be very pleased with the picture quality, 3D capabilities and Smart TV features. With Ultra High Def resolution and support for High Dynamic Range pictures, the screen quality is very impressive.

You also get to start watching 3D movies right away, thanks to the two included 3D glasses. Plus, you can easily connect mobile devices and once it is connected to Wi-Fi, the UH8500 gives you access to social media, streaming media and more.

With so many features and such high screen quality, you really can’t go wrong if you make this television part of your home theater system.

LG UH8500
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  1. Hi, between the LG uh850 and the Sony x850D which one would you recommend?

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