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LG UF6800 4k Smart LED TV Review

Type: LED Resolution: 4K Smart: Yes
If you want to finally be ahead in the market when it comes to your TV’s technology, then you are ready for the LG UF6800 Series. The first of LG’s series to possess 4K UHD, four times the resolution of Full HD, sit back and be ready to be visually amazed. 4K has been showing at movie theaters for years, and is now all the rage when it comes to your own TV as you now have that picture quality in the comfort of your own home, minus the theater popcorn.

LG’s UF6800 series, includes 55- and 65-inch screen sizes, WebOS 2.0 Smart TV platform, and every TV will ship with an amazing multi-channel Surround System. Users have rated this TV to be one of a kind. A thinner and sleeker design gives brilliant picture from all angles and has been reviewed the highest for this feature. Offering a cleaner and sharper look to any room, the width of the screen is only millimeters thick. No need to rearrange your décor as this minimal design transitions any room.
7.8Dark Room
8.2Average Room
8.2Bright Room
8.0Video Games
8.0Daily Use
7.9Extra Features
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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. The UF6800 series does not perform very while viewing in a dark room. The picture appears washed-out with poor contrast.
  1. All LG TV’s in this series are equipped with an amazing 4K Ultra HD picture and providing theater quality sound.
  2. WebOS 2.0 platform give the user faster speeds and convenience.

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LG’s new WebOS 2.0 platform simplifies your life as you can now have a more personalized experience, which is fun and easy to use. Launcher and LiveMenu run on the bottom of the screen never letting you miss a beat of your favorite shows or movies. Also offering a full web browser and apps, this TV offers a lot more for the average user.

The LG UF6800 is equipped with an HEVC decoder that delivers blur-free and crystal-clear motion at 60 frames per second. So if you are an avid steamer from external devices, you are now able to enjoy the same flawless imagery, 4K resolution, and perfect depiction of color ever than before. You can even watch sports live with sharp live movements without the trail or blur from HD.

Users may also take advantage with many video streaming apps such as, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix or M-GO, who offer a handful of material in HD. As of today, 4K picture quality standards are still being developed, but if it may be nearly impossible to top the viewing quality and convenience that you can get with LG UF6800 at such an affordable price. A great TV for you to enjoy real life picture quality and show off to your friends.


If you have yet to try out the amazing viewing quality of an LED Ultra 4K without hurting your wallet, you definitely should consider the LG UF6800 Series. Priced exceptionally low for its features, you can find this model for around $900.

While we review the UF6800 as more of a beginner model for the series, this one still offers you the top of the line convenience and an exceptionally fast operating system with an easy to search and maneuver interface. Being built as more of their entry level model as opposed to their higher models in their series, such as the UF7700, the UF6800 does not come with built in features like Bluetooth and only comprises of one USB port.

However, if you do not want to spend the extra money and do not need the unnecessary accessories, then the more basic LG UF6800 model is a great choice.
LG UF6800
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