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Type: OLED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 55″ – 65″

Just when you thought TV could not get any better or thinner the LG brand comes out with a TV SUPER thin and with amazing superior sound despite its thin design. The LG E7P is OLED TV, which lights the billions of individual color pixels by electric current only and is so thin you would think your TV is floating in mid air! With the LG E7P OLED color contrast, and incredible uniformity of black levels, the clarity of images coming across either of 55 or 65 inch screen options will make you feel ONE with any TV scene viewed!

LGs latest design innovation to its OLED innovation that brings already known BEST color is what makes the LG E7P TVs best! Taking the thin OLED screen to a thin panel of glass makes for an aesthetically unique and beautiful TV viewing experience – no matter what program one actually watches.

The 2017 LG E7P does cost much more than the LG C7P TVs but if being the ‘first’ to own latest and greatest tech matters then the latest super thin E7P picture-on-glass design, Dolby Vision and HDR10 color technology with Dolby Atmos surround sound is a definite ‘no brainer’ BEST selection choice!

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Price could be a ‘con’-sideration but not really expensive in consideration of the superiority of the sound, color, and brightness.
  1. Sophisticated picture-on-glass thin, sleek design.
  2. Dolby Atmos Surround Sound similar to the theater quality.
  3. Dolby Vision color technology with HDR10 color to bring cinema quality viewing at any angle view.

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A quality TV is comprised of form and function. LG was the innovator of the OLED TV function. (organic light emitting diodes) OLED TV uses electric current rather than backlight panel, to light up billions of color pixels. Now going beyond function, LG steps up its form to produce the sensational ‘futuristic’ E7P OLED 4K TV that puts the picture module to a thin glass that frames the view screen. The back of set is a burgundy rather than standard black plastic. There is a front silver grill design from which cinema professional sound emanates to complete ‘the big picture.’

OLED E7P Picture Quality

So, what of the quality of the picture of the LG E7P OLED TV? Of course it is good, it is OLED ‘light power,’ but allow me the opportunity to further ‘drool’ and tell you why this set’s picture is BE-EAUTIFUL! Contrast is perfect! The color ‘pops’ thanks to the OLED light flowing to each individual pixel of color and if there is a dark scene the light shuts off. The Active HDR working in conjunction with Dolby Vision color brings an extremely bright color such as you’d see in the professional cinema. Perhaps this is good time to mention the 2017 65-inch E7P swept up Top Honors for the “Annual TV Shootout” during the Consumer Expo (CE) in NY.

Sound Quality

Thanks to Dolby Atmos surround sound, as is used in movie theaters, LG OLED E7P models provide perfect cinema quality sound and harmony! Forgive me for obsessing the word beautiful, but if you could see it, you’d obsess also. Beautiful cinematic color and sound to make a home theater experience!

OLED E7P Review

Mankind’s innovations are a BEAUTIFUL thing that uplifts the human condition. The mind of man has brought so many better ways to doing and seeing that make life on earth more tolerable. Early man found the way to cook their food with simple fire, from that came coal stoves, and then gas stoves – keeping the transforming process brief. From the horse and buggy days came the ‘iron horse’ – the automobile! You understand the point. Perfection is an eternally evolving process. It takes work and sweat.

Ok, ok, enough with philosophical musing. As I sit and enjoy my LG E7P OLED picture perfect 4K TV, I do marvel at the LG masters who came up with TV without backlight panel and to have courage to place the main module to a ‘glass’ frame so as to make it seem to float. (no plastic obstruction) I appreciate their vision. While there is still very limited 4K TV content on the mainstream channels, my LG E7P has the 4K up scaling technology to view I Love Lucy or The Wizard Of Oz with sharp clarity, rich black tone, and a professional color as would have in past been possible only on the big screen movie theaters. All thanks to HDR 10 and Dolby Vision color tech built within TV. There’s also Dolby Atmos surround sound that is so appreciated after I “endured” the sound of lower to mid-range HD and UHD price TVs. Perfection can only be understood by what was ‘experienced’ before.

Smart Features

I guess you know this is one special TV and that does include the LG Smart TV features which permits a stream of steady content beyond just the standard mainstream channels. The WebOS 3.5 web browser is the main reason behind the ability for fast internet connection. WebOS 3.5 more user friendly than the 2016 WebOS 3.O. There is the smart remote called Magic Remote with voice command feature making web searching easy. There is also the LG content store to browse and download a myriad of apps if bored with the pre-loaded apps of Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube. There is screen mirroring that enables casting the content you see on your tablet or smart phone to the 55 or 65-inch screen of your E7P model. The internet connecting is fast so don’t spend too much time at the concession stand of your home theater; you’ll miss the movie!

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The BEAUTIFUL OLED 4K E7P is PERFECT and just with the unique glass panel sleek frame alone this TV will impress family, friends, and casual acquaintances invited to gather around and enjoy sports, movies, gaming, and educational videos. It is expensive, without doubt, and there are LG OLED models as good in function, such as the C7P, for less cost. There is also Samsung’s Q7P with 75-inch screen worthy of thought if the budget and room size allows such luxury.

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