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Type: OLED Resolution: 4k Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Screen Size: 55″ – 65″

It may be best to bring understanding of the difference between LED, UHD LED or Samsung’s SUHD. OLED means Organic Light Emitting Diodes as compared to LED (Light Emitting Diodes) or UHD LED (Ultra High Definition aka 4K TVs) or SUHD, all with a backlight panel. OLED has no such backlight panels. OLED uses electric current as a source for lighting a screen. This makes for thinner TVs as well as sharper and brighter color display and perfect contrast ratio! LG OLED technology does have higher cost but measuring value with price, LG C7 TVs are definitely ‘tops’ in value!

BEST for contrast ratio, deep black tone uniformity, glossy screen finish that does not reflect light to screen and thus is versatile to both dark or brighter room settings. Ideal TV for all the family entertainment: from live sports action, family movie night, video gaming and Smart TV content streaming!

The LG C7 OLED TV is high tech luxury at its finest! The 65-inch screen might be prohibitive for many family budgets with mortgage to pay, but in the name of PERFECT TV viewing, the price for the OLED 55-inch C7 model, it’s quite tempting when considering all it offers.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Some retention of image left on screen, after video gaming (settings can be recalibrated).
  2. Color volume in very bright colors does not show perfectly.
  1. EVERYTHING! Contrast ratio, color uniformity, angle view, smooth frames per second refresh rate, no motion blur, sleek screen, sturdy metallic finish stand. Sound volume with Atmos surround sound.

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The LG C7 is a thin, flat panel with .43 inch border (1.1 cm) and an overall thickness of 1.97 inches. (5.0 cm) The actual stand is a brushed metallic and small, which saves space and makes TV blend inconspicuously to any room it is placed in. Such ultra sleek dimensions makes for flush wall mounting, although access to some inputs on back may be hindered. Highlighting the overall sleekness is the black plastic on front against the white plastic back. The glossy screen finish makes reflections rare and the TV versatile for viewing in dark or bright room settings.

OLED C7P Picture Quality

As aesthetically beautiful as the outward appearance is of any TV, it means nothing if the picture quality is bad. No need to worry with LG OLED C7s. That perfection of TV image is in the contrast ratio, which is absolutely perfect in showing of difference of light to darker images. With that and the uniformity of black tone and grey uniformity, the wide range of colors, and decent color volume that shows dark to moderate bright color tone, the overall brightness of color with the HDR (high dynamic range) technology that is present — you get realistic clarity of any scene. We would mention motion blur – if there was any – but HO HUM … perfection makes reviews hard to write.

Sound Quality

We thought we could find something bad in this area, but LG has done what many manufacturers struggle with in thin, high tech TVs: LG has made decent sound in volume and harmony! The secret is with the Dolby Atmos surround sound speakers, as you would hear in movie theaters!

OLED C7P Review

The official definition of perfection by the dictionary is: the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. That’s a high mark to reach for. It is not impossible but it does take work, sweat, a few tears (of failings). Speaking only from a business standpoint, LG has chosen a different path than the usual HD LED type of digital TVs that hit the market and for that work was able to bring a thin TV such as the C7 OLED TVs. They listened to consumer complaints: of sound quality, of picture quality, of sharpness of image and bring to us OLED. Organic Light Emitting Device TV. Versatile for dark or bright rooms and perfection in what makes a good picture: contrast ratio – visual perception of the lights and darks of an image by reason of the light flowing through each individual pixel of color. Pardon the pun, but OLED is a BRIGHT idea!

If you have the room in the house and the budget for either of two screen sizes of 65 or 55-inch TVs, you may never need to leave the house again. (We hope you do, we need your standards for perfection in your work duties) Enjoy sports entertainment, enjoy a home theater with surround sound, and enjoy video games when there’s nothing else to watch. Educate yourself with YouTube videos. The LG OLED C7 TVs bring the definition of perfection to big screen: Hard work brings success!

Smart Features

Smart TV is TV with internet connection with ability to download video on demand, social networking, and instant messaging. C7 models have ability to download abundant apps from the LG Content Store, much like the Sony Android TV OS, as Android, not as intuitive, provides access to Google Play Store. Enjoy abundant content and smooth flowing streaming content with either of the two large screens of LG C7 TV models. The smoothness flows from the 120 Hz processor and the Motionflow technology built in. Also part of this smart TV is the 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports for connecting to Blu-ray DVD player or any other communication devices. There is the WebOS 3.5 and a universal smart remote with a one push ‘quick menu’ button or simply point the remote at screen and cursor follows movement of remote, or use voice activation. LG C7s are very smart TV.

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In conclusion of this review on a perfect, absolutely perfect, big screen TV review we would have to say that if what you want is the latest technology with utmost perfect picture and little worries for many a year watching mainstream TV, exciting sports action, judder-free movies as well as perfect judder free video gaming, the value for price is the 55-inch screen. If TV is your passion, go for the 65-inch. Whatever you choose, you will not go wrong.

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