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LG LH5750 (55LH5750) Smart 1080p TV

Type: LED Resolution: 1080p Refresh Rate: 60 Hz Screen Size: 55″

The LG LH5750 series LED is a plastic framed TV, with a minimal thickness. The picture quality of the TV series is average. The buyers who intend to buy the TV for watching movies and TV programs can get greater benefit from it as compared to the ones who aim to watch sports on it. The efficient smart features and proper input lag make it a good choice for the buyers. However, the problems of viewing angle limitation, and motion blur are some of the associated problems of the LG LH5750.

LG LH5750 series TVs are best for watching TV programs where the motion blur and input lag are not much of an issue. The fast-paced online games can be the other usage of LG LH5750 LED TV. In both of the cases, the viewer must sit directly in front of the TV for maximum results.

Looking for a multipurpose TV in your budget, which provides the feature of LED as well as has the best smart features? Then, you must not think any further any buy the LG LH5750 series TV, right now.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Motion blur and input lag are the significant issues that limit the TV to be used for specific purposes to get the best results.
  1. The high contrast ratio and the black uniformity make the picture quality of the TV efficient.
  2. The sound quality of the TV is also average with the availability of proficient smart features for the users of the LG LH5750 LED TVs.

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The TV is made up of plastic and is the strongest reason for its low-end pricing. However, overall, the look of the TV is thin and quite decent to make it a centerpiece of the room. The thickness of the TV is 2.04” and the borders are 0.67” thick. The stand of the TV covers the entire TV and is nearly of the same size as the screen. As other TVs of this range and quality, it can be mounted on the wall but the input gets inaccessible for general use.

Picture Quality

The high black uniformity ratio and the good contrast ratio make watching movies in a dark environment much easier and more interesting than other competitive TVs. However, the lack of local dimming function and the narrow viewing angle undermines the overall picture quality of the TV to a large extent. Additionally, the reflections from the screen are too big and diffused on the semi-gloss surface of the screen of LG LH5750 TVs. The color presentation is not very efficient affecting the quality the LED. Lastly, the gray uniformity of the TV is not up to the mark, creating hindrance in watching the TV.

Sound Quality

The overall quality of sound is average and for normal users, no external audio system is required as an alternative. The issues with the sound quality are present, which include the pumping effect at high volumes and the increase in the harmonic distortions if the volume of the TV is raised beyond a certain level.


On searching new TV, we were recommended with LG LH5750 series by one of our friends. Obviously, our budget was low but we wanted to upgrade our existing TV, so LG LH5750 series was a good choice to make. Although we spent a lot of time in searching for other products, that could serve our purpose but there were issues with each of the options considered and at the end, we finalized 55LH5750 for our home because it provided a good mixture of efficient design, good picture quality, overall sound quality and the provision of smart features.

The 1080p LED we bought was good enough to keep us satisfied and made us feel that we have acquired the good value for the money spent. Our TV is generally used for watching the TV programs and the space of our room is adjusted in a way that we can easily sit at the front to keep our viewing angle straight. This has helped us in getting the best picture quality for the 55LH5750 TV. Although, we have heard that the sound quality of the TV is not very good but frankly we haven’t noticed any distortions this is probably because of the fact that we are used to keeping the volume of the TV low.

Talking about the smart features, this is the aspect that has really impressed us. The efficient navigation and browsing over the internet, although done occasionally, is efficient. Additionally, the presence of various applications with the ease of use and without waiting for the time to load is the best part of this TV. Overall, the TV is a good choice for a low budget, providing a number of benefits to enjoy.

Smart Features

The LG LH5750 series has a WebOS platform installed in it, which has been upgraded recently to provide the efficient browsing experience for the users of the LG TVs. The recent up gradation is also associated with the facility of bug fixes and constant improvement for your platform, thus enhancing the experience in every possible way. The number of applications in the LG LH5750 series is designed and installed to provide complete entertainment for the users. Some of the prominent applications include Netflix application, YouTube and much more. However, using the remote control is the real issue in LG LH5750 series. The buttons are stubborn and only pressing them with some power or pushing them, again and again, will help you in getting the desired work done.

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LG LH5750 series TV is available with a 55-inch screen. The availability of decent design, with average picture quality and audio features, are the some of the important characteristics of the TV. Moreover, the efficient smart features also add up in the advantages. However, the problems with motion blur and input lag are faced by the users of the LG LH5750 series TVs, making the experience lower than the average.

LG LH5750
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