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LG LH5700 Smart Budget 1080p TV

Type: LED Resolution: 1080p Refresh Rate: 60 Hz Screen Size: 43″ – 49″

The 1080p TV series offered by LG is quite similar to the other models of the low budget LG TVs. On the whole, the TV and its features can be termed as average. The design of the TV is slim but its frame is made of plastic. The quality of the picture is also average; a good competitive performance can be seen in terms of viewing angle. The smart features provided by the TV are a plus point but the sound quality provided diminishes the overall positivity offered by the TV. The TVs in LG LH5700 are good for the mixed usage.

The efficient motion handling of the TV with a good response time makes the TV series good for watching sports. Additionally, it can also be used for playing video games and watching the TV shows because of the viewing angle performance.

7.7Dark Room
8.2Average Room
8.0Bright Room
7.8Video Games
8.4Daily Use
7.9Extra Features
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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. The brightness of the LG LH5700 is a problem because of the limited adjustment availability.
  2. The poor black uniformity effect the performance of the TV, which is evident in dark scenes.
  1. The LG LH5700 input lag is low along with the presence of accurate colors and picture quality even viewed from an angle.
  2. The smart features offered through the use of WebOS 3.0 platform provides efficient navigation and movement between the apps and the TV.

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The design of the LG LH5700 is not much different from the other TV series offered in the low budget by LG. The body of the TV is made up of plastic and has an average thickness of 3.03”. Similarly, the borders of the TV also consist of plastic and have the thickness of 0.71”. Although the borders are shiny, which gives it a nice touch but the fingerprints can be easily imposed on the border, making it difficult to maintain and clean. Additionally, the backside of the LG LH5700 has a textured finish, which can be mounted on the wall or placed using the plastic stand provided. The size of the plastic stand is according to the size of the TV and provides a sturdy support.

Picture Quality

LG LH5700 series provide an average quality of picture for its users. The contrast ratio, as well as the black uniformity, is average. The effects of these two characteristics can be evident in the dark room with dark scenes on the TV. Additionally, the peak brightness of the TV is also average with an added disadvantage from the lack of local dimming feature on the TV. This creates an imbalance between the colors and the quality of the picture is affected. However, the viewing angle is better than most of the TVs in this range present in the market. The feature of motion blur is also developed to present a good view of the moving objects.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the LG LH5700 series TVs is not according to the acceptable standards. The maximum loudness is also not as loud as it should be for a TV with the presence of compression and pumping effects in louder volumes. Bass in sounds is also missing in this series offered by LG.


We were looking for a good TV that could provide us with a high picture quality when viewed from an angle in the low budget. The reason for this criterion of ours’ was the design of our living room where we could not adjust the seating according to the installation of TV. Thus, we had to manage this aspect while making our purchase. On searching, we came across 43LH5700 and thought that this TV is a perfect piece for our requirements as the size available in the TV was suitable for our place along with a high viewing angle provided by the 43LH5700 filled our purpose.

Additionally, we also finalized the decision of purchasing this TV because of the usage facility it offered. It is best for watching the sports. As all of us very fond of sports especially football, this TV set became a must buy for our family. The effective motion-blurring feature, low input lag, and the high viewing range made watching sports a new experience for our entire family.

Additionally, it performs well in broadcasting the TV shows as well. However, we were really disappointed to see that the sound quality offered by the TV is below average. In order to fix this issue, we had to buy additional speakers to attach to it in order to make it acceptable for normal use. Overall, the quality of the TV was below average but due to our low budget and certain specifications, we are getting the most out of it.

Smart Features

The smart features of the TV are exceptional because of the presence of WebOS 3.0 provided by LG LH5700. This is a newly launched platform, which is still in the up gradation mode and allows the users to install updates and get the bug fixes. This new platform makes the use of application really easy and efficient for the users. The presence of a number of applications, including Netflix, YouTube, and other video application enhances the experience of the users. The remote provided along with LG LH5700 series is simple to use for the customers.

The controls of the TV are available underneath the logo of LG, which is present in the middle of the TV. The presence of the control at this place ensures proper receptivity of the signals and it works well even if the TV is mounted on the wall.

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LG LH5700 series is present in two different sizes i.e. 43LH5700 and 49LH5700. The specific features of the TV include its efficient smart features, a good motion blur, wide viewing angle, and a low input lag. However, there are certain negatives [points associated with it as well including the low contrast ratio and gray and black uniformity.

LG LH5700
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