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LG LH5000 Budget 1080p TV

Type: LED Resolution: 1080p Refresh Rate: 60 Hz Screen Size: 43″

LG LH5000 is not amongst the best TV series offered by LG. Although the TVs in this series are available at a competitive price but the quality of picture and other features offered by the series are not much efficient. The design of the LG LH5000 series is blocky. Its body and borders are made of the plastic, giving it a more basic look than showing the elegance. The lack of smart features, limitations in the maximum brightness and the low black uniformity ratio are the other disadvantages associated with the purchase of this TV series.

The LG LH5000 TV series is best for watching sports and playing video games. Both these activities usually are performed in the light with a straight angle towards the television; this is why the best quality of the picture is displayed in both these activities.

If you are looking for a low-cost TV, which can be used for multiple purposes, or if your requirement is to provide your younger children with an entertainment, this LG LH5000 series can be a good choice for you.

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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. Lack of basic features including the black uniformity and an average contrast ratio affects the overall picture quality. Additionally, no smart features are offered by the LG LH5000 series.
  1. The budgeted price is the positive aspect associated with it that persuades a number of people to purchase it.
  2. Additionally, the average contrast ratio is another aspect of positivity, which makes the picture quality a bit acceptable by the users.

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The LG LH5000 models provided by LG are made of plastic. The thickness of the body of these models is 3.35” whereas the borders are 0.67” thick. Moreover, the thickness of the TV is not uniform it is more bulky from the bottom part because of the presence of an extra border lining and input panel. The stand is quite wide and it is angled outward covering the entire TV for the support. The backside of the TV is also made of plastic, but the good part is that the inputs are easily accessible even if it is mounted.

Picture Quality

The low contrast ratio and the poor black and grey uniformity of the LG LH5000 series is a hindrance in the effective picture quality of the TV. The series supports 1080p resolution. The problems in the black and grey uniformity make it difficult to view the dark scenes in the dark room or in the absence of light. Even in the bright room, the picture quality cannot be said to be one of the best that is available through the current technology available. However, the viewing angle of the LG LH5000 series is good enough to make the picture look same when viewed from side angles as well. Even the motion blur feature is not supportive enough to make the overall picture quality effective for the users.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the LG LH5000 series TV is also quite poor. The compression and pumping of the sound are significant at higher volumes. At lower volumes, although it is present but at a lower frequency. The additional attachment of the audio system can provide the best solution for the problems in the sound.


We wanted a TV, which could be used as an entertainment for our kids where they could attach their gaming console and watch cartoons. Basically, we were looking for a cheap entertainment device, which could be multipurpose. So, LG LH5000 series got our attention. After reviewing the general specifications, we decided to buy the 43” model of LG LH5000 series because this series provided the low input lag and was present at a lower price than the other competitive models or brands available in the market.

On regular use, we found that the overall picture quality of the LG LH5000 is not efficient at all. We had problems in adjusting the brightness of the screen along with the poor contrast ratio did not show the exact colors of the pictures in a dimly lit room. However, the viewing angle was wide enough to view the TV as accurately as from the front; this was an advantage for us. The lack of proper brightness in some cases e.g. night mode in games created some concerns about the problems the TV might cause to the eyesight of our children, this is why we made sure that no such games were purchased or played by them.

Watching sports on the TV or connecting the high movement or faced paced games again showed the slightly blurred screen but we managed with it, as we weren’t concerned much with the quality of the picture and tried not to watch the things which weren’t well supported by the TV on it. The sounds of the games or in the sports were also not up to the mark, and distortions and echo in the sound created additional noise in the house.

Although, we never used smart features but the manual of the TV showed that the TV had no smart features in it as well. Overall, we cannot regard our experience with the TV as best because of the problems we faced but as our requirements were met in the low budget, thus, we are satisfied from the LG LH5000 TV.

Smart Features

LG LH5000 series of LG does not support any smart features. The only thing supported by the TV is the easy navigation and playing of files in the USB. Wi-Fi connection is also not supported and thus no applications are present on the TV. The remote control of the LG LH5000 series is similar to the other models of LG.

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LG LH5000 series is available in two sizes i.e. 43” and 49”. Overall, the design or the display quality of the pictures is not much efficient. Similar is the case with the quality of sound provided by the TV. Additionally, the TV does not support the smart features. However, the wide viewing angle and the average contrast ratio of the LG LH5000 series in low budget attract the customers.

LG LH5000
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