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LG LF6100 TV Review

Type: LED Resolution: 1080p Smart: Yes
Buyers looking for a quality Full HD television with several features and technology would be smart to consider the LG LF6100 series. These televisions feature Full 1080p high definition picture with LED backlighting. These television also provide Smart TV capabilities and have LG’s TruMotion technology, which is designed to ensure you catch every detail of fast-action video and sporting events. The LF6100 series is also available at a low price, especially considering the technology LG uses in this series of TVs.

During our review of the LF6100 we found the picture to be comparable with other Full HD televisions. You don’t get 4K, but you do get 1080p resolution for a very reasonable price. LG remained consistent with other HD televisions by incorporating LEDs to illuminate the picture. The LEDs provide much better brightness, clarity and detail than the technology found in older HD televisions.
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Overall – Cons and Pros
  1. The main drawback of this television is the sound. Although it features virtual surround sound, it doesn’t produce sound comparable with other similar TVs.
  1. The feature that will appeal to most people is the price tag. The LF6100 series costs much less than other TVs.
  2. Buyers will also like the Smart TV capabilities. The ability to access streaming video, social media and other web content is a definite plus.

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LG’s TruMotion is also one of the better technologies we’ve encountered during our reviews. By using detailed backlight scanning and enhanced frame rates LG is able to get rid of blurriness and yield more precise details. The TruMotion technology really shines during fast-action videos and sports. Because of how well the LF6100 TVs handles fast videos without losing clarity we would rank this as a top rated Full HD television.

Buyers will also appreciate the Smart TV features of these televisions. With an Internet connection the television becomes much more than something used to watch TV shows. You are also able to access popular streaming video content, with the proper subscriptions of course. With this Smart TV you can watch your favorite shows, stream movies and videos and even shop – all from the comfort of your living room couch. This series also features voice recognition, so you can perform certain functions and commands by simply speaking them to the TV.

The sound from this series is admirable, but not as good as what you would find on higher-priced models. The LF6100 features a 2-channel speaker system and has virtual surround sound. You may not believe you are watching a movie in a theater but you will enjoy the Dolby Digital sounds while watching the TV.


Anyone considering a Full HD television should be drawn to the LF6100 series. Although this series doesn’t feature 4K technology, it also doesn’t feature the price tag associated with newer 4K TVs. What it does feature, though, is great pictures and all the benefits of a Smart TV.

Buyers will still enjoy the Full HD pictures. The LED backlights ensure colors are bright and vivid to yield great details of every picture. The TruMotion technology is also great for fast-action videos, making this TV an excellent option for anyone that likes to watch sports.

The Smart TV capabilities of this series will also appeal to consumers. The ability to access popular services like streaming video and social media are a definite plus. The TV also features voice recognition, so users can speak to the TV to perform certain commands.

Our review overall showed the LF6100 to be a great Full HD television, especially for the price. As long as buyers don’t need the newest 4K technology, they will be more than happy if they choose a LG LF6100 television. This is definitely a television potential buyers should consider if they want a Full high definition television for a great price.
LG LF6100
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