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ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? THIS IS HUGE!! BIGGER THAT LIFE! A BONANZA in the area of ‘T-otally V-isual!’ A 70-inch television screen in 4K UHD or HD LED grand color clarity! Forget about being the Goldilocks character I mentioned in previous articles looking for ‘ju-ussst right.’ If you can dream it then maybe you should ask: “why … oh why can’t I?” – as Dorothy in the holiday classic, “The Wizard of Oz” sang. Experience that yellow brick road as never before!

05 June
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How big is 70 inches? I will be honest – you do need the wall space for it. Officially; seventy inches is just short of SIX FEET! These Black Friday specials do need just the right room setting, but if you can, you won’t go wrong in choosing any of the brands we show here this Black Friday!

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Ok, let’s step forward and follow ‘the yellow brick road’ that twists and turns and brings you from the dull grey world of everyday chores to experiencing the magic of 21st century technological wizardry! Are you ready to experience what brains, courage, and putting one’s heart to something can do to make a bigger and better TV? Are you ready to be amazed at what brains, courage, heart and generosity of spirit can do to transform your home this holiday season?

TV Brands – what to look for when searching for discounts?

Sony, Samsung, LG, and Vizio – OH MY! What these wizards of technology have done to whisk us from our every day routine life to ‘the wonderful world of Ultra High Definition Smart TV!’ Hear the mighty lion ‘ROAR’ like never before, in the Vizio M series model with advanced virtual sound techniques with built-in speakers. Fear not ‘the dark magical forest,’ with the Samsung model that provides peak illumination with backlights, never get lost with Samsung Smart TV menu that is on the bottom of the screen. Sony has a model feature called Motionflow with bright graphics and LED. Oh my – this Sony model also comes with a ‘field’ of games to run through – almost as numerous as the field of poppies that Dorothy experienced. Games galore without need for a game console!

The Wizard of Oz was a 1939 film and was broadcast for TV the first time in 1956. TV movies of 1956 were made for analog TVs and yet with the wonder of today’s technology these sets transform low-resolution video to high definition 4K crystal clear imagery. It’s called Clear Action technology. For those who love their basketball, football, and baseball, there is another feature to accept fast images without much blur. All plays seen with such clarity you’ll see better than the Ump.

Remember how the mighty wizard was only a mighty voice? Guess what! With many of these 70 plus size TVs you get to control the screen with voice interaction! No more fiddling with the tiny buttons on the remote. The wizard is YOU – with all thanks to the creators of SMART TV technology! Just click (not the heels) the interactive remote and repeat: “There’s no place like home.”

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