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How do you measure a good on-line Black Friday TV deal? Naturally, by how much YOU get for your hard earned buck! Ok; places everyone: LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Imagine enjoying live sports, movies, on-line or off line games in your own personal home theater. Now you can with these Black Friday deals on 65-inch TVS.

22 September
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With some of today’s 65-inch TV deals, you can also have 3D TV. 3D is a feature manufacturers put to a TV to differentiate the TV as high-end HDTV or plasma and LED televisions. To use the 3D feature you need to wear special glasses, have a 3D source device AND 3D content. Truthfully, there is very little 3D content out there to watch at this time. However, 3D is an extra feature to what is plasma, LED and HDTV to make the TV high-end.

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Considering that the first TV’s that came out were 2.5 inches, it is safe to say TV has grown not only in popularity but also in size. Why are TV’s seemingly larger than life? The simple answer is that TV is no longer passive entertainment.

Thanks to technology, your TV is now capable of giving you the type of entertainment that YOU want not just what Hollywood provides! Play on-line games with friends in other locations with TV that is web based, see their TV screen along side yours and play with up to four people at one time. Download apps from your mobile device to the big screen! HULU, YouTube, USA Today, Photo Albums. Play streaming video movies from NetFlix, download live sport games. TV might well now stand for: ‘Totally Visual’ – because with a 65-inch screen – it surely is!

What is 4K TV? It’s not 401k, which is a retirement plan; nor with today’s Black Friday deals will you need to spend your retirement savings in order to own such a TV. 4K is about the clarity of your viewing picture! It is the latest in technology. Every photograph is comprised of ‘pixels’ (tiny dots of color) which, when viewed with correct resolution, forms one clear solid image to the natural eye. 4K technology quadruples the number of pixels that would be in HD (high definition) TV. Every piece of fuzz on the mean green face of Mr. Grinch would be seen with utmost clarity! A 4K resolution TV is also highly recommended for those who want to view the streaming video movies that come via NetFlix.

Our selection of 65-inch televisions come with sleek think case design suitable for mounting on wall; for best ‘home theater’ experience or with stands to go on table top.

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To best enjoy an interactive TV experience requires cinema-style viewing on an Android Smart TV. Android TV is the most recent development from the tech world combining computers and TV as one device. When you think of it in these terms; plus today’s Black Friday discounts, I hope you’ll agree that these Black Friday deals are SUPER Savings deals!

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