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Sixty-inch model TVs BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNTED, in the brand names we know so well; Samsung, Vizio, LG. In the 60’s there was a book called TV Guide to see programs for the day (or evening) Some of the 60-inch TVs on sale this BLACK FRIDAY day of Super Discounts will remember your search history, The picture streams in (not rolls) and if you want snow; head for a ski resort in winter! Look for duel core processors that connect quickly to any device. No more manually adjusting the horizontal and vertical lines on your set.

22 September
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Considering the size of the set, the design of the set, the special Smart TV technology and internet connectivity, while the size is behemoth; the cost with the generosity of Black Friday holiday discounts may indeed be sized to fit the family entertainment budget.

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Black Friday discounts on 60-inch televisions! Since we’re now looking at these wide-screen beauties for our entertainment pleasure and this is the season of remembering; I hope you don’t mind if my memory goes back to the year 1960 and what TV had to offer. The idea of a color TV was still only on the wish list for a lot of households who stayed with their basic black-and-white analog set. The TV’s of the sixties had ‘rabbit ears’ which was slang for an antennae that perched atop the TV to get better reception. Snow was not just what the nightly weather forecaster showed on a weather map; snow was fuzziness; an image barely visible.

Picking up the antennae and waving it frantically about until ‘the signal’ was ‘caught’ and the image finally came across. If the picture came … sometimes it came across ‘rolling’ … the technical answer to this dilemma was a few good slaps with the palm of hand on top of set! This could be done because the TV was within a console wood encasement. If the contrast was too bright or too dark; NO PROBLEM. . .just flip open the little door on the front of your set and fiddle with the contrast knobs or vertical and horizontal adjustment for rolling images until you (and maybe 3 others in room) settled on what was ‘perfect’ by eye. YES! PERFECT! SIT DOWN! Move out of the way! (the show was 1/3 over by now) AHHH it was great!

A cool feature is Micro-Dimming Pro which will adjust the clarity of what you are viewing based on how light or dark the room is. If that’s not enough; look for the Samsung model with the swivel stand so you can move the TV left or right. With sets this size you would expect lots of extra features and you would be correct, the manufacturers give much! Look for resolution in 4K UHD (ultra high-definition) or 1080P – plus 3D in some models, and voice interaction. (in the 1960’s a person got up to flip the channel)

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