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50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 … No; I didn’t just give the signals for the next Super Bowl game; The TV’s you are looking at in the well-known brands of Samsung, Sony, LG, and Vizio are not only priced to the size of your budget; but you can have that theater viewing experience even if not always getting all features of the larger screens. When you want just a bit more view screen; but not all features are necessary; a 55-inch rather than 50 inch model might be better. Like the Thanksgiving feast you you just enjoyed; sometimes you give up the stuffing to enjoy more of the mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce.

22 September
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When selecting screen size; consider where the main viewing will be. Consider the brightness of the room; consider what angle the chairs in the room will be. What distance will you be from the set? What will you mainly be using your 55-inch model for? Gaming? Internet? Movies? Sports? Let’s look at some of the 55-inch main entrées in the list of LG, Sony, Samsung, Vizio UHD, LED, HD TV’s along with the extra trimmings this size TV brings with it to see if, along with Black Friday discounts, this might not be the better size for you and your family.

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If the media room for your TV is especially bright; you will love the Samsung model SUHD that provides especially good contrast image in the color. It sports a Tizen operating system which provides speedier response time between going from TV viewing and downloading your favorite app. Think of it… you can go ‘55’ (inch) and still get where you want to go with perfect smoothness. It has a flat screen as well as the bonus feature of 3D TV. As stuffing goes with turkey; most brands in this size comes with 3D, motion control, voice interaction and for a great holiday Black Friday price that is ‘yummy.’ Select Samsung models also provide possibility of a curved screen.

If you want a simple basic TV but with a screen size that makes you feel you are right in the bleachers of a basketball game or sitting in the baseball stadium–there’s an LG model TV that provides very good LED lighting and smart TV technology along with sharp 1080P picture quality without busting the budget. The Clear Action 720 feature is a perfect feature for those who like fast action gaming and sport viewing as there is very little blur and you will find that in many of these 55-inch model TVs. Look also for many of these models to give surround sound for clear audio.

Don’t pass up having an at-home theater experience; these 55-inch Black Friday holiday discounts on LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio are certainly worth having a look at. Just like the Thanksgiving feast; sometimes it is ok to indulge with a few more inches and enjoy T-otally V-isual entertainment, enjoying the fruit of your labor with your family.

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