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How many times have you wished you could ‘go back’ and re-live the happy moments of life over again? See with eyes opened by experience what you missed when youthful and too close to really ‘see.’ It would be GOLDEN, wouldn’t it? Of course it would! 50 is the magical golden time! 50th birthday, 50th high school re-union, 50th wedding anniversary, 50 years in one’s own business, the 50th customer of a new business. Yes; the golden moments take lots of time and work and reaching the point of 50 is worthy of celebration; no matter what it is.

22 September
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Imagine being able to re-live those moments with such crystal clear color clarity you ARE re-living it again and again. Today’s Black Friday Holiday TV Blow-out Deals can bring your past ‘back to the future’ with lightening speed! The high school graduation, the wedding day, the golden anniversary, the family growing up all over again and all those family gatherings; A forever Thanksgiving feast; always fresh and crisp!

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A little bit more about TV deals

Due to the technological expertise of the top manufacturers of HD LED 4K UHD TV — SONY, SAMSUNG, LG, VIZIO 3, as well as the generosity of Black Friday discounts, your fantasies of re-living life over again could become ‘streaming’ reality!
Imagine having a TV that allows single screen intuitive access to your Social Media and apps, having a built-in web browser and wi-fi. Imagine the at-home shopping experience on a 50-inch TV monitor. Each of our 50-inch model televisions have unique features specific for the brand. There is a Samsung model with multiple USB and HDMI ports for accessing video from other external sources. …HDMI? Yes, I know you want to ask, WHAT is HDMI? In the most simple of explanations; HDMI means High Dimension Multimedia Interface; and all you need to know is that rather than a maze of wires coming out of the back of your set; all those wires are contained within one single cable that then easily connects to and interfaces with an external video source such as a DVD player.

The Vizio E-series LED model has a very thin screen, which makes it almost like a picture frame on your wall. An interactive Smart TV picture frame with great motion control and connects to the internet without extra wiring. The price for this size TV will amaze! A Sony model provides the ability to stream select games directly to your TV with the PlayStation Now system. Imagine keeping the kids quiet for hours. A GOLDEN MOMENT for any parent out there!

As with other sizes of 4K, Smart TV, HD LED TVs you will find the cases to be sleek, flat and thin so as not to overpower the room when put on the wall or standing atop tabletop. There are also curved frames with this size. Only two brands come with the 3D feature: Samsung and Sony — and only these brands in the 50-inch size come with voice interaction. These Black Friday deals of cinema quality viewing will give GOLDEN STATUS to your life thus far.

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