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Well… we have arrived at the 40 inch Black Friday TVs and they are sporting some great discounts to make your TV viewing a pleasure you will treasure for years to come. Generosity of deals that would baffle the heart and mind of that ‘mean green’ (with envy) Mr. Grinch!

22 September
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Forty is a number of specialness generally. It has been said to be the number associated with the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom… what is wisdom but that of seeing ‘the big picture’ ‘being enlightened’ ‘an opening of the eyes to see all angles with same clarity without any type of distortion. With that understanding, it is wise to have a look see at our 40-inch Black Friday TV brands of Samsung, Vizio E series, LG, and Sony! Definite discount deals the wise consumer will have no trouble in seeing!

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If a great deal is in proportion to what you get for your dollars, then maybe 40-inch makes for a better deal than the 32-inch set you had in mind. Look at the sharpness of resolution of both the color levels and black levels found in these deals we offer on this special day. Think of the enjoyment of watching the Super Bowl and seeing the laces on the ball with such sharpness you feel you were just handed the ball to run the field. The NBA basketball games will be enjoyed as though sitting right in the bleachers, thanks to the newest 4K technology or 1080P HDTV LED picture resolution. See the game from any angle in the room without glare on the screen. Many of the models in this size have Smart TV capability; the ability to combine computer and TV ‘in one device.’ That’s the wisdom of considering the price of a 40-inch TV set. Be aware that the term UHD and 4K are pretty much interchangeable in meaning. Ultra High Definition. The number of pixels (dots) that make up an image. Motion control feature on these sets makes images come across in a smooth transition with very little distortion.


Imagine being able to talk to your TV; and I don’t mean by yelling at the bad call by the ref or umpire or those political folk found on talk shows. With voice interaction you tell your TV to turn on, turn off or go to previous or next channel. Awesome! Even if you lose the remote; you can change channels or turn the TV on and off. Contrast is at its finest, the color of the black levels is perfect; The black and white holiday classics like “A Chrismas Carol” or “It’s A Wonderful Life” come through with newness of sight.

Other features to review of the 40 inch models that make this size worthy of your consideration this Black Friday of dee-eee-licious deals that complete and compete with the previous Thanksgiving Day feasting, is understanding of the acronym T.V. to be T-otally V-isual experience. Enjoy the interactive experience of the internet and your mobile device along with passive entertainment with your 40-inch TV!

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