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While these TVs are half the size of the 65-inch model TV’s we previously talked about, the savings to your budget make this worthy of thought. We choose the best Black Friday deals for 32 inch TVs; these TVs are still capable of providing a special viewing experience when enjoying the holiday classics with the kids, the favorite sport games, the movies that you and family and friends gather around to enjoy. These are predominantly HD LED resolution which means the resolution is as good at that of what you see on the big screen in the theater.

22 September
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If a ‘simple’ HDTV is your choice; you want to look for the number after the HD; the higher the number the more lines that come across to form the image and the better will be the clarity and color resolution. A ‘P’ after the number means progressive scanning and gives best picture quality since progressive scans are twice as fast. In relation to screen sizes 32 inch or smaller, however, there is little difference in 1080P to 720p; so while the screen size is less, your choices are more.

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The models we have selected for discounts are of the same name brand manufacturers as was seen in the more expensive 65-inch luxury variety of televisions. The manufacturers understand that their customers are many and individual. One size does not ‘fit’ all tastes. Not everyone is technically astute as to need to pay for the cost of 4K resolution technology. HD LED resolution does provide a smoothness in picture clarity. Not everyone needs the Smart TV android capability of downloading from one’s mobile device. Actually, some folk do not own a mobile device. In the spirit of generosity of this time of year, it is safe to assume that quality is not measured by size but by effort and thought of the individual persons with individual needs.

The same quality materials will be found in the 32-inch Samsung TV as to the 65-inch TV by Samsung or LG or Vizio, though perhaps not as many of the special features. So take your chance to go over 32 inch TV Black Friday deals, we prepared for you, and save some money during the holiday season.


There are nice features in these models, of course. With regards picture clarity; these models will adjust contrast in accord the way the room lighting is and sometimes by the angle you view it at. All are capable of video game playing, the case designs are sleek and thin and sometimes with those special curves to add a touch of modern to the room it is in.

There are some models with Smart TV technology which gives the ability to download apps. One nice feature to look for is the Energy Star logo, which means this size TV is great for the environment in being energy efficient as well as cost efficient to your budget.

Buy what works best for your need in accord the room size you have in apartment, studio apartment, condo, or dorm room. Perhaps this size is a great second TV for the home office. Have a Goldilocks frame of mind: This one is ‘ju-uusssst right’ – for YOU!

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